Weekend Recap

Weekend Recap

Welcome to Monday and another new week!! How was your weekend? It was quite the weekend over here, super busy which is always good!! I am actually very happy I am at home on Mondays because it gives me an extra day to get ready for the new week.

Friday, Keely and I did some grocery shopping at Trader Joe’s (week 1 grocery bill – $129.00, week 2 grocery bill – $110.00…doing pretty good so far) as well as checking out some garage sales. It always makes me laugh how people put things much higher then they should be priced, it’s a garage sale. We didn’t end up getting anything as all the kid toys, I’d rather just buy new. After her nap, we played outside till Bob got home then I headed out for a little workout. The rest of Friday was spent playing outside, grilling and drinking a Newcastle.


She loves her green smoothies & gets a little green face…ha-ha!

Saturday, I got up nice and early for a gym workout then came home to have breakfast with Keely. After breakfast, we all got ready as we were headed to a White Sox game with the family. I love going to baseball games with the family. Nothing like tailgating and watching a White Sox win with my crazy-amazing family. There were two homeruns which meant fireworks and K did so good with them. We visited Southpaw (the Sox mascot) but this year, she was scared of him.

After the game, we headed over to one of my favorite bars Cork & Kerry’s At The Park for another round of beers and appetizers. I was so impressed with my little munchkin on Saturday because she did SO well all day without really ever having a nap. After we got home from the bar, Keely went to bed and we stayed up to watch the Blackhawks game which they won!!

Sox Collage

My upside down Goose Island logo, did I win the golden ticket or something?!?!

Sunday was spent at the park, prepping for the week, laundry and some MAJOR cleaning. All and all, it was a great weekend and can’t wait for another family day!! Hope you all have an amazing week. Cheers!

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