Tone-It Up Tuesday

Tone-It Up Tuesday

Here’s to Tuesday and another preview of what my workout schedule looks like this week. Like I mentioned in my blog last week, I have started Summer Shape-Up 2013 and am already starting to notice some change. I did a different workout on Saturday and am still hurting from it. Here is my workout schedule for the week…

Monday – Steady State Cardio (20 minutes/in the morning) & Workout 2 (at the gym in the afternoon)

Tuesday – HIIT & Steady (45 minutes)

Wednesday – Yoga (30 minutes) & evening walk with Keely

Thursday – Workout 2 & HIIT

Friday – Steady State Cardio (45 minutes)

Saturday – Workout 2 & Cardio

After the weekend of lots of beer drinking and bar food, I am going to focus on eating more clean this week. I am going to try and stay away from heavy carbs as much as I possibly can during the week. The weekends are always my cheat days but I just have to make sure I limit some foods this week. Since I am participating in Summer Shape-Up, I don’t need to lose any weight but I just really want to tone up a little bit more esp. my arms. I would love nothing more then to have some nice toned arms. Anyways, as long as I continue with my workouts and eating good, a few treats aren’t that bad. You only live once, right?!?! Hope you guys are getting bikini ready as well. Have a great day!! Cheers!

Quote of the Day


Do you like going to the gym when it’s beautiful outside?

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