What I Ate & Wore Wednesday

What I Ate & Wore Wednesday

Happy Hump Day!! How is everyone’s week going so far? Mine isn’t too bad. Anyways, here’s to another addition of WIAW or what I ate on Monday…and what I wore Wednesday!

Breakfast – scrambled eggs with a little feta & spinach, half a bagel with veggie cream cheese & watermelon plus my 2nd cup of green tea


Mid-Morning Snack – K  and I shared a green smoothie, can’t get enough of these lately


Pre-Workout Snack – half a LaraBar (love this flavor)


Post Workout Snack – small bowl of granola (shared with K)


Dinner – Buffalo Chicken Sandwich with fries (Monday staple)


I think I need to start mixing up my weekly meal planning since a lot of dishes are becoming staples on certain days. Do you guys do the same thing? I think it has to do with me liking my routines but maybe it’s time to change it up. As you can also see it’s not the best clean eats like I mentioned in my post on Monday morning…oh well!!

What I Wore On Wednesday


Black Cotton Skirt – Target, Floral Tank Top – Old Navy, Green Cardigan – Target, Black Flats – Target

Quote of the Day


Hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday! Cheers!!


7 thoughts on “What I Ate & Wore Wednesday

  1. Cute outfit! and I never knew what namaste’ meant. Thank for filling me in on that, and I saved it too!!

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