The Birth Control Talk…

The Birth Control Talk…

Why is it that you can only talk about certain things with people (ex. politics, religion, family issues, birth control, etc)? I am a pretty open person and know that my opinion is not like everyone else’s but I like to hear what people have to say about certain things. I try not to get into politics or religion with people but I also don’t mind having a nice little debate especially when I am passionate about something. Lately, I have been getting asked the birth control question.

I don’t know if it’s the fact that Keely is almost a year and a half and people usually start trying for their second or if it’s people just know I am open and honest and will tell them what I do for birth control. So here it goes (leave now if TMI)…ha-ha. After I had Keely, I waited the typical 6 weeks until I saw my doctor and once I was there, she had so many questions for me. At that time, I knew I didn’t want another one right away but I also didn’t want to say “never”. With many questions and answers, I decided to get the cooper IUD. I have always been on a hormonal birth control (due to female problems) so knowing the cooper IUD had no hormones, I was all for it.

I loved it! I didn’t hurt at all when she inserted it, I didn’t have to remember to take anything or put anything in or be bothered with condoms, it was GREAT. Shortly after I had Keely and started the IUD, I would get these weird pains in my lower abdomen. After many months of pain, I decided to go to the doctor to find out what the issue was that I was having with my crazy body. Numerous tests later and NOTHING. I continued doing what I was doing but it just got worse and worse so I went back again (now, 8 months after the IUD was inserted) and they found NOTHING again,  so they took out the IUD to see if that helped but it didn’t.

One night I was laying in bed, felt a pop in my stomach and the pain was intense. I felt sick to my stomach because the pain was so intense (pretty much like childbirth) so I decided to lay on the couch to see if it would go away but no, went to bed, didn’t sleep and woke up to tell Bob, I need to go to the hospital. My parents came out to watch Keely, we headed to the hospital and was able to get right in and once I told them my pain was about a 10, the drugs started coming (which helped SO much). An ultrasound later and they found that my right ovary had a cyst which ruptured and caused a BIG hole in it. They told me I needed surgery and that I might lose my one ovary. Luckily, they were able to fix it and now everything is MUCH better. Cysts are very common in my family so I knew my day would come with them.

Two weeks after my surgery, I discussed the whole birth control thing with my doctor again and decided on the NuvaRing. I have to say that I like it a lot. It’s easy to put in and take out. Doesn’t hurt and so far that pain isn’t there. I think it all depends on your body and what one person uses, you might not be able to. I would suggest either option to people but would say, trust your body and do what your body can take because everyone is different.

Now, onto the question, “do I believe birth control is needed?” Well, I believe that if you don’t want to get pregnant (or an STD) then YES, use birth control! Again this is my opinion but I feel people should take precautions when it comes to sex (not just because of STDs) because if you are not ready for a baby or the possibility of having a baby then you should not be having unprotected sex. I get that the pill, nuvaring, etc. are “somewhat” going against nature but I am not one that wants to stop during to make sure the condom is on or anything. Now if you’re single, well you really should be wearing a condom because you can’t be TOO trusting. I will say that I am against abortion (unless in certain situations) so that is why I am so strong with birth control. I wanted to have a baby and right now, I am perfectly okay with just having Keely so I will stay on birth control until I am ready for another one. Again, this is a post I didn’t know if I wanted to write but felt, why not! I would love to hear your opinion on this matter. Hope you all have a wonderful day!! Cheers!

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