Five Facts of Friday

Five Facts of Friday

It’s Friday, can’t believe how fast another week has gone. I have so much going on this month and next month and absolutely love it. I hope you all had an amazing week and have a fun weekend planned. I also hope I didn’t offend anyone with my post yesterday. Just wanted to put it out there since I have been asked about my birth control opinion a lot. Anyways, here are the FIVE facts for this Friday…

1. I am getting my hair did  today and thinking of either going darker or putting some red in it (think Emma Stone)

2. Saturday we have Gymboree then grocery shopping

3. Sunday we might go to the zoo for Father’s Day (remember to be nice to those Daddy’s out there…Smile)

4. How it is possible that we only have about 2 more weeks left of June…slow down!!

5. I have a great workout planned for Saturday and going to plan some fun (new) meals this coming week.

Quote of the Day


Again, I hope you all have an amazing weekend. Cheers!!


One thought on “Five Facts of Friday

  1. Loving the quote! Afterall, Charlie and gang are one of my favorites!! One of the reasons we named our dog Linus..:-) TGIF!!

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