What’s Your “Cents of Style”

What’s Your “Cents of Style”

Hello!! Hope you are having a great Thursday so far. I can’t believe tomorrow is Friday, another fast week. Will they EVER slow down? Any who, I wanted to do a post about fashion again and the amazing Cents of Style. I wrote about them before but wanted to do it again because I received these lovely sandals in the mail and couldn’t wait to put them on. Here is the outfit I put together for today with these sandals…comfy and cute!


If you are like me, you are obsessed with Pinterest and looking for some outfit ideas for the summer. With so many different trends out there I kind of wish that every outfit I pinned went straight into my closet, one can only dream!! COS is a great place for find some nice accessories to add to your summer wardrobe or any wardrobe.  Here are some items I am totally loving on Cents of Style


Everyone needs a little LOVE around their neck


I have been needing some fun colorful Stretch Bracelets for the summer


Love these babies as well…


Lastly, I like this Striped Scarf (which would be perfect for the 4th)

If you haven’t checked out their website, now is the time to do but also make sure to check out their Facebook and their Fashion Fridays. With the summer months here, what trends are you loving right now? Have a great day & see you tomorrow for some of my weekly favorites! Cheers!

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One thought on “What’s Your “Cents of Style”

  1. Cute outfit you had on today, and love all the finds from Cents of Style! and as usual Loving the quote!! Thanks for taking me home today, Ms. K and I had THE.BEST.DAY!!

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