Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites

TGIF to you and your sweets!! Hope you all had a great week and have some fun things planned this weekend. I am grabbing sushi & drinks with a girlfriend on Friday (YAY), Saturday will most likely be zoo day then Sunday, I am planning to do some meal prepping and play in the pool with Keely. This girl needs a little sun!! Here are some of my favorites from the week…

Favorite Pictures

Aww, baby Linus…too cute!!

Girl loves her green smoothies!!
Girl loves her green smoothies!!

Of course, my girl is a favorite for the week…DUH!!

Favorite Quotes (because you know I can’t have just one)

So, so true!!

This is SO me…LOL!

Favorite Outfits

Seriously, put these outfits in my closet ASAP!!

Favorite Workout


I did this one today and it was a GOOD one!!

Favorite Recipe

Made these this week and they are so good warmed up with some almond butter

Favorite Place

I would like to be here…Bora Bora right now


Venice Beach, I’ll take either with a nice cold adult beverage in my hand…:)

Favorite Drink

YES, please!

Well folks this girl is out but enjoy you weekend. Cheers!!


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