Facts from the Weekend

Facts from the Weekend

I must start off by saying…CHICAGO BLACKHAWKS WIN THE STANLEY CUP….Yea Hawks!!


Hey Everyone!! How is everyone doing on this fine Tuesday? Things over here are pretty good. We had a pretty good weekend and here are some facts and pictures from it…

1. Friday night I went for Sushi & drinks with my cousin Mary Beth & friend Erica. It was lots of fun & food was once again, DELISH!!

2. Keely and I had a photo session on Friday…she’s a HOOT!!

3. We went to Target this week instead of TJs or Whole Foods because I needed certain things.

4.  No zoo last weekend but hopefully this weekend.

5. I got sunburned on my shoulders and only my shoulders…weird!

6. I had two good workouts last weekend and used Saturday as my off day.

7. Keely and I enjoyed a green smoothie all weekend…we are obsessed!!

8. I made these on Sunday and they are so GOOD!!

9. I used my Coldstone giftcard and forgot that their medium is HUGE. I finished not even half of it plus I had some help from Keely. I’m not really an ice cream person so now I know to go with their small.

10. Hope you have a great day!


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One thought on “Facts from the Weekend

  1. I love that quote…and the song! Brings back some memories of Grandma and me, she used to sing that song! Love all the pics, and sounds like you had a fun weekend! and last, but not least……..CHICAGO BLACKHAWKS 2013 STANLEY CUP CHAMPIONS!!!! and on UB’s birthday no less….:-)

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