Last Weekend in June…

Last Weekend in June…

Hello, Friends!  This month has  just flown by so fast. Did you all have a good weekend? Our weekend wasn’t so bad. On Friday, Keely and I went to the Apple store bright and early as I was having trouble with my off/lock button and guess what…I got a whole new Iphone 5…sweet gig!! Once we were done there, we headed over to Trader Joe’s to do some grocery shopping. We got home in time to play outside for a little bit before Bob got home and I headed to the gym. Friday evening we took a trip to Wal-Mart to get things for our 4th of July Party. The rest of the evening was spent catching up on some shows and heading to bed early.

IMG_0701 IMG_0694

Next Purchase will be camo skinnies…NEED!!

Saturday, I slept in till Keely got up since I was planning a gym visit while K napped. We had breakfast then went to Gymboree. We haven’t been there in almost a month so it was fun for Keely to see everyone again and meet some new friends. Once we got home, we had a snack, she went down for a nap and I went to the gym. I did 20 minutes on both the elliptical and bike then finished with some abs. I was planning to clean all day Saturday but wasn’t motivated to do much of anything besides hang out with Keely.

Sunday was a rather sad day at our house…we ended up giving up our kitties (Summer & Cohen) to the Human Society in the city. We loved our cats very much but it just got to be too much plus our one cat was starting to mark his territory now that Keely is so mobile. We knew they weren’t very happy here since Keely was born and just hope that they find a forever home that will love them and give them the attention they deserve since we were unable to do it. The rest of Sunday consisted of cleaning, and by cleaning, I mean CLEANING! This is the first time since we’ve been together that we don’t have any pets. I think it will be a while till we get a dog so in the mean time, I will enjoy a clean house. We also enjoyed a little True Blood on Sunday night. Are any of you watching it??


Keely feel asleep on the way coming home from the city and loves hanging with her new friend Riley!

This week should go by pretty fast as I’m only in the office two days then we are seeing Styx on Wednesday, having a 4th of July Party on Thursday, Pooling it out on Friday and seeing Lynyrd Skynyrd on Sunday with my parents. Can’t wait to get this week going and all the fun that will be happening. Have a great week. Cheers!!

Quote of the Day


Love me some Christina Perri “Arms”


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