Marvelous In My Monday – #1

Marvelous In My Monday – #1

Hello, Monday!! I am going to start linking up to Katie’s MIMM as I think it’s a great way to start the week with some marvelous things that are happening in my life.

MiMM MIMM #40 Whoa!

Everyone needs some happy/positive thoughts on Mondays, right?! I think it’s funny how we all say, “Happy Monday” but does anyone think that Mondays are a happy day? Well I am going to make sure that we all have some HAPPY Mondays starting, NOW!!

Marvelous is…

An awesome 3rd of July with friends and seeing Styx plus a free rib dinner & beer is pretty marvelous as well!


Marvelous is…

An awesome 4th of July with family and friends plus fun pictures of Keely!!


Marvelous is…

My little munchkin who is now a year and a half…where has the time gone…


Marvelous is…

 An Irish Blessing…


Have a MARVELOUS Monday!! Cheers!!


One thought on “Marvelous In My Monday – #1

  1. Great Blog! We should be Thankful for Mondays…..and every day that we can wake up and enjoy!! Cute pictures!!

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