Toddlerhood – 18 Months

Toddlerhood – 18 Months

It’s about that time for another Keely update on the old blog. I haven’t done one since she was 15 months. I never thought I’d be that parent that says an age in months but to write “a year and a half” is very long and it’s much easier to write, “18 months”. When we are out and people ask how old she is, I do say, “a year and a half”. I think once a toddler hits 2, it’s best to stick with the numbers and not months. I don’t think people want to hear 26 months, etc. 🙂

Now that Keely is a year and a half, I think this is the age I am loving and being tested with as she is teaching me how to be a Mom of a toddler girl. She’s so funny and makes me laugh everyday. I think she knows (and likes) to test Mom sometimes but that’s going to happen, right Moms?!?! She is somewhat of a picky eater but everyday is something different. All I know and care about is that she loves her green smoothies as much as me!! Here are some facts about Miss K…


*She sleeps from 7:30PM-7:30/7:45AM (the past three days she’s been sleeping till 8:30AM) & naps from 12:00PM-2:00PM (sometimes earlier/sometimes later)

*She LOVES being outside and feeds the ducks

*She is obsessed with kids 3 years plus

*She loves to waving to planes in the sky as we say, “Say Hi to Brandon”


*Her favorite foods are french toast dipped in almond butter, yogurt, strawberries, green smoothies, pizza, and oatmeal (as you see there is a lack in meat & veggies but I find ways to sneak them in…ha-ha)

*She likes to sit on her potty but we don’t know how to go yet

*She isn’t a big fan of swimming but likes to take the water out of her pool


*She loves dancing to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Hot Dog song

*She’s in 12-18 month clothes, size 4 shoes and size 4 diapers

*Da-da is still the favorite word for EVERYTHING but we’ve heard Ma-ma, Ba-ba, Hi, Yea & Oh, Oh.

*She is 20.6LBS (25%) & 32 inches long (25%) – Petite Girl!!


Like I have said many times, she is my number 1 and I couldn’t imagine my life without. She makes me smile everyday and when I am working, the best time is coming home to her and hearing Ma then getting a hug and kiss. I love when she is in a cuddling mood and just wants to stay in my arms. I am trying to take advantage of everyday as they only stay this small for so long. I love my girl with all my heart. xoxo

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Daughters ...


3 thoughts on “Toddlerhood – 18 Months

  1. Love it!! Ms. K is such a blessing to our family, and couldnt imagine our life without her. She makes being a Grandma all the more fun!! and I love that she’s not a big fan of the hot/humid weather…..chip off her Mother and Grandmother’s block…bring on the fall weather….:-)
    Love the quote, and so true. and also..your child/children never are too old to need their parents help/advice….they will always be our babies….:-)

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