Fun Fact Friday

Fun Fact Friday

Hello, Peeps!! How is everyone doing on this fine Friday? Can you believe it’s already the weekend (well, I guess the weekend starts for most people at 5pm, but whatevs)? This week has gone by SO fast. Only being at work three days a week and prepping for a meeting really makes the week go by fast. I feel like I should be living at work right now…ha-ha. Do you guys have any fun things planned for the weekend? Well, here are my plans…

* Early morning workout at the gym (thanks to Bob not needing to be at work till 10am)

* Grocery shopping today with my favorite sidekick, Miss Keely

* Playtime outside or Pooltime after Naptime – it’s all about the “times”. 🙂

* Saturday morning jog then Gymboree

* Citytime with my cousins & friends – haven’t gone out in the city in a while

* Sunday morning Yoga

* Sunday cleaning and relaxing with the Keels!!

* Baking some spinach muffins for the week

* Meal prepping – need some new recipes

* Wishing you all a GREAT weekend. Cheers!

Quote of the Day

that's so me.

Are “we” this girl, Ladies?


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