Weekend Recap…Too Old For Late Nights…

Weekend Recap…Too Old For Late Nights…

MiMM MIMM #57 Family of 4!

Oh, Monday…Hope you all had a lovely weekend. I am going to do a quick recap of my MARVELOUS weekend but also give a little motivation on this Monday morning.  This weekend was a lot of fun and involved old friends & new friends which I love oh so much!!  Keely and I did some grocery shopping on Friday and once she was down for a nap, my good friend Stacy stopped over. She is having a little boy and I loved seeing her and that little bump. I can’t wait to meet the little man in September. Stacy is one of those friends that when we get together, it’s seriously five plus hours of talking which is so nice!! Keely was so cute with Stacy and the bump. While Stacy and I were catching up, Keely played outside with Bob and the neighbor kids. Our house was hopping till almost 6pm on Friday. After Stac left, we quickly made dinner then relaxed the rest of the night.

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Saturday, I got up early to do some cardio, my squat challenge and abs. We hung out around the house and played outside till it was “naptime” or lack there of “naptime”. My parents came over around 1:30 to babysit Keely while Bob and I went to the city to hang out with my cousin and friends. We got into the city around 3:00 and hit up our favorite bar in the West Loop, Beer Bistro. We got there the same time my cousin Kevin and his two co-workers were heading in so it was perfect timing. Do you ever meet people and just know right away that you are supposed to be friends?!?! That’s how I felt when I met his co-workers, Brian and Katie (or Katerina as we say). Katie and I hit it off right away and I am pretty sure she is my long-lost friend. About an hour later, one of my oldest childhood friends came, Tiffanie which was so fun as I haven’t seen her in a long time. It was great catching up and I think it’s what we needed to regain our friendship again.

IMG_0832 IMG_0840

Nothing like childhood friends & new friends…

The rest of the night consisted of beer, sliders, tater tots, and MORE beer and oh, SHOTS! We didn’t end up getting home till 2:00AM so getting into bed at 2:30AM was a little late for me but let me tell ya, it was probably one of the best nights that I have had in a while. Sunday was a little slow-moving for me but needed to get my head in the mommy game…ha-ha. I enjoyed spending the whole day with my little nugget and put cleaning & baking aside till today. Once again, all in all, it was a fabulous weekend. I am a busy bee this week so I better get going and get this week started…have a great week!! Cheers!!



2 thoughts on “Weekend Recap…Too Old For Late Nights…

    1. Thanks Jessie!! Yes, it’s very important when you become a mom to make time for your spouse and yourself. My little girl is number one but if you lose yourself to parenthood, you might go crazy…ha-ha!

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