Music Makes the People…

Music Makes the People…

Happy Tuesday! Today I wanted to talk a little bit about music. I feel that you tend to listen to certain types of genres or songs that have a meaning to what’s happening in your life. Well I guess, it’s when you start getting older that you tend to do it, or at least I do. I was an 80’s baby so I totally LOVE any 80’s music. I remember in 1988 when I got my first CDs which were Madonna & HC Hammer. I can still see myself dancing to both CDs in my parents basements. Growing up, I would listen to a lot of music with my Dad so I was that kid that liked, The Turtles, Beatles, Lyrnyrd Skynyrd, Earth, Wind and Fire (Mom’s one fav), etc.

I also think that being a dancer most of my life, I tend to like all types of music. In the 90’s I was totally into Usher, Biggie, Tupac, and Eninem plus let’s not forget those amazing boy bands, NKOTB, NSync, Backstreet Boys. But again, I could really listen to all types of music and usually did growing up. Now, it’s the same, it usually has to do with my mood for the day or if I am going through something and just need to clarity. I think music can be a great way to relax, clear your mind and get some therapy. I wish I had a good voice because I love singing and applaud those with amazing voices. I always wanted to be on Broadway but the non-singing voice was holding me back…ha-ha. Just an FYI, sometimes it’s not good to drive with me because I will sing my heart out in the car and don’t really care what anyone thinks…ha-ha.

Anyways, here are some songs that I have been on my playlist the last few months. What songs/artists are you loving lately? Do you ever grow out of certain types of music or are you open to new types? If an oldie comes on the phone or radio, I will def jam out to it. Well I hope you have a groovy day!!

The Fray – You Found Me – I love The Fray, I think a lot of their songs have great meaning to it.

Again, another Fray song that rocks!!

One Republic – Secrets – I think the older I get the more I can relate to this song

I love Sara Bareilles and this song is just amazing!!

Lady Antebellum – Just A Kiss – not a big Country fan but LOVE them

Paramore – Misery Business – Paramore is one of my favorite bands to jog/run too, she’s also got a great voice


Okay, I know, BAD but when I hear this at a bar, I go CRAZY!!

Quote of the Day

music gives soul to the universe... wings to the mind.. flight to the imagination ♫♪


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