Wardrobe Wednesday

Wardrobe Wednesday

Happy Wednesday!! So I have been very bad lately taking pictures of what I have been eating so this week we are taking a break from WIAW and doing more of a fashion post. My fashion has changed so much since Keely has been born and I find myself really caring about what I am wearing when I leave the house. It’s not that I care what people think of me, it’s more that I like to present myself in a certain fashion. I pride myself in taking care of myself. When I first had Keely, I made sure I showered everyday and got out of my pajamas. Just something I need to do for MYSELF. Anyways, here are some of my outfits that make almost a weekly appearance.


I love this dress, it’s super comfy and super cute! It also comes in navy blue & coral and I think I need them both.


I got this skirt at Target for about $20 and I wear it a lot. I also have the tank top blouse in two color colors/prints and wear them with pretty much everything.


Seriously, most COMFORTABLE linen pants EVER!! I have the shirt in a hot pink color as well.


The cotton black dress I wear a lot with different cardigans as well as my denim shirt, the white jeans were my world for a while and I really like the blue blouse, black pencil skirt & necklaces.

Do you find yourself wearing the same things all the time? I know I do!! I usually wear the same type of outfits then when I am going somewhere I can’t find a thing to wear in my closet, surprise, surprise. What trend or outfits are you loving lately?

Quote of the Day

Perfect winter outfit Decalz - Emily Baptista


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