Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday

Well ladies and gents, I am off to the beautiful (& hot) Savannah, GA for a week for work. I wanted to do something fun with this post today so thought it would be cool to do a little throwback. Let’s go back to July 2012 and see how things have changed in a year. For me, last year I was working full-time and now I am part-time and LOVE spending the extra time with Miss Keely. Keely was just a little one last year and now she’s an energetic toddler that makes me smile everyday, still. Anyway…here are some prices & top items of 2012…enjoy!!


Average Gas Price – $3.50

Average Gallon of Milk Price – $3.53

Average Dozen Eggs Price – $2.68 (the “good” ones)


Top Two Books:

Fifty Shades Trilogy (totally got into the “mommy” porn) & The Hunger Games

Top Three Fashion Trends:

Neon Colors



Top Three Songs:

Gangnam Style, Payphone (Maroon 5) & Call Me Maybe (Carly Rae Jepsen)

To me, it looks like not much has changed in a year but when looking at these pictures below…WOW, a lot has changed?


Little Monster?!?! No, she just had a lot to say this night…:)


The old hair was LONG!! I miss it but it’s growing!


Someone turned 6 months last July and now this July, she’s a year and half…going by WAY too fast!


Went to California (San Diego & LA) for work and also a vacation


Last but not least, Keely’s second “photo shoot”

Looking back on the year has a lot changed for you? What are some of your favorite changes?

Quote of the Day

the only good thing is that as much as my mind completely memories of u are engraved in my heart.

One thought on “Throwback Thursday

  1. Wow how fast time fly’s! and I think Grandma(me) looks older then last year..haha! and definately my arms were in a little better shape then this year…..I gotta get crackin on some arms exercises!!
    Ms. K…adorable….:-)

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