Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites

Happy FRIDAY!! For most people the weekend will be starting right around 5pm, for me, it’s starting RIGHT NOW!!! YAY for the weekend and fun plans. Today, I am headed to the city to hang out with Miss Katie and I CANNOT wait. Saturday, we are having people over for dinner, drinks and games…fun times! Then Sunday, I’ll be picking up Keely since she will be at my parents for a little sleepover. Here are some of my favorites from the week…

Favorite Picture


I just can’t get enough of these pictures of Keely…my little cutie pie!!

Favorite Outfit

cute fall outfit

Loving this outfit, I have everything but the scarf & earrings

Favorite Song

I love me some Bruno Mars and have been jamming to this song all week!

Favorite Recipe

_DSC3427 by cookingalamel, via Flickr

I found this recipe this week and will be making it soon!!

Favorite Travel

Carriage and sled on the snowy streets in Aspen, Colorado; photo by Paul Chesley

Call me CRAZY but I am kind of looking forward to winter…Aspen, BEAUTIFUL!!

Favorite Quote


I hope you all have an amazing weekend and I’ll see you on Monday for some MARVELOUS things!! xoxo

Thankful Thursday – Three Things

Thankful Thursday – Three Things

Happy Thankful Thursday Everyone! I hope you all are having a good week and ready for the weekend. I CANNOT wait for tomorrow as I have a special “date” with the bestie!! We made reservations to RPM Italian for dinner and I can’t wait to check it out. If you are a Giuliana & Bill Rancic fan then you know all about RPM and if you live in Chicago and have been there before, please let me know what to order. After dinner, we are just going to do some bar hopping which is fine by me. Anyways, let’s get to the three things that I have been thankful for lately…

Family – Seriously, I don’t know what I would do without them. I am so happy that Keely is being raised with such an amazing family around her. XOXO


Friends – I had the joy of seeing my very good friend, Stacy & her baby boy, Caleb in the hospitals on Tuesday. He’s such a little peanut and could’ve held him all night long. Stacy looks amazing and is going to be a wonderful Mom. Most of my friends are like my family and whenever I need them, they are always there for me. Love them!!


Food – You need good food to keep you nourished and I am happy that we could always put good food on the table. Well, with an occasional adult beverage & piece of pizza…LOL!!


Quote of the Day


What is one thing you are thankful for this week?

WIAW – Carb Lovin’

WIAW – Carb Lovin’

Happy WIAW to you all. Have you been enjoying some yummy food lately? I have been obsessed with pineapple lately and hope it never gets old. Pineapples & apples def help satisfy my sugar cravings. Besides fruit, I have totally been loving carbs. I usually don’t eat a lot of carbs throughout the day but Monday, WOW, bring on the bread. I can tell my body is getting ready for fall even though it’s still in the 90s over here. Here is what my plates looked like on Monday. Enjoy!!

Peas and Crayons

Breakfast – Green Monster (why, because I LOVE them), spinach muffin (BOO, last one), grapefruit (looks a little sad but was DELISH) & green tea


Lunch – Egg sandwich with veggie cream cheese & side of fruit


Dinner – Grilled Chicken sandwich with guacamole & homemade fries (this is Bob’s plate as I was hungry and took a bite before I could snap a picture. My chicken is a little smaller and I have less ketchup…LOL)


I may or may not have had a chocolate chip cookie for dessert…haha! Plus I had my usual 7pm Yogi Detox Tea (great way to end the day) Before I leave you all for the day, I wanted to share two pictures of my little girl from her recent photo shoot…

IMG_9539 IMG_9657

I think I should send the second one to Red Mango and see if they would like a toddler model…LOL!! Have a great day!!

Quote of the Day


Let’s Workout

Let’s Workout

Hi Everyone! Hope you are all having a good week so far. I am hoping to go see my friend and her little boy who was born yesterday morning! I wanted to share with you some workouts I am totally loving lately. Yes, I find a lot of them on Pinterest…surprise, surprise but I also included the one Bob gave me which I will be doing on Thursday. First, here is my workout schedule for the week…

Monday – Cardio & Legs

Tuesday – Yoga

Wednesday – Cardio & Upper Body

Thursday – Cardio & Physique 57 (bringing it back into my life)

Friday – Total Body (with some cardio mixed in there)

Saturday – Bike Ride or Outdoor Long Walk

Workout to try…

Upper Body (3x 15 reps)

DB neutral chest press/DB V-Sit hold curls on bench

DB incline sup chest press/alt DB hammer curls

Push-up hold alt row/DB frontal raises

Seated row machine/alt DB overhead press

Assisted pull-up machine/assisted dips

Tricep push downs/push-up hold 90 degree

Fat-Blasting Treadmill Workout

I did this one yesterday morning and I was drenched…so good!!

Upper Body Workout.. You will perform 2-4 sets of each group with 10 reps of the first exercise, 12 reps of the second exercise, and 15 reps of the third exercise. It adds up FAST.

One of my favorite upper body workouts…gets it all

10-10-10 Strength & Cardio Circuit | Sweet Tooth, Sweet Life - her blog is AMAZING!!

This will always be a favorite for a total body workout plus cardio!

Full Body 30 Minute Circuit- up the weights

Another great total body workout

Morning Flow

Lastly, some yoga to get your morning going…

Quote of the Day


Fun Fact Friday

Fun Fact Friday

Happy TGIF Everyone!! How stoked are you for the weekend? I am totally geeked up and ready to take it on!! It’s been one of those weeks so I am READY for the weekend. Here are the facts of Friday…

1. Love baking with my Munchkin


2. Today I am doing some shopping with my Mom and am hoping to find LOTS of deals at Target.

3. Saturday we are all going to Shafer Lake (Indiana Beach). This will be Keely’s first time going there and it’s so cool because I was her age when I first went there.

4. Sunday we are doing a little Sunday Funday at my sister-in-laws house in the late afternoon. It will be fun for the cousins to play together.

5. Still counting the days till the bestie arrives next Thursday…can’t wait!!

6. She is the cutest thing even with a cut up lip…


7. Have a FABULOUS weekend!! Cheers!!

Quote of the Day

For the blog

Karen xoxo

What do you have planned this weekend? Don’t forget to send some topic ideas my way!

Currently In My Life

Currently In My Life

Hi Everyone!! It’s almost the weekend and are you ready for it? I was going back and forth on what to write today, you know, blogger head fart…LOL. I’d like to start doing some deep writing on other topics but thought I’d leave it for another day plus I want some suggestions as well. Anyways, I wanted to give you my “current” list but in a new way. Currently…

Listening: to Pandora on my phone with the earbuds in while the nugget is sleeping plus I guess I am listening to myself type as well. ha-ha. As far as music goes, I’ve been listening to just about everything but mostly my stations are the following: Christina Perri, Usher, Lady Antebellum, Nysnc( I know but gotta love them) and Queen. Yesterday, I heard Jason Mraz a million times and forgot how much I really like his voice. Loving this song right now…

Loving: being with Keely every day. I’d still like a part-time job but have a couple interviews coming up with telecommute jobs which would totally work for me. I know my Mom loves watching & being with Keely so if I worked from home, I’d have her come over a few times a week to hang out with K. Keely loves the Grandma!!

Thinking: everything happens for a reason, a reason we may not know of yet but it happens. Also, God has a plan for everyone and he wouldn’t give you the life or situations you have now if he didn’t think you could handle them. Keeping positive!!


Wanting: to do some damage with clothes shopping…ha-ha.

Needing: FALL!! Now that we are coming up to the last week in August, I am totally ready for Fall and everything it has to offer. I love living in Chicago in the Fall. I need pumpkin, boots and scarves in my life.

Tip: Believe in yourself and live the BEST life you could live for yourself. Never give up on what you want in life because being happy is totally worth it!!

Dear You                      IMG_0453

What is one thing you are currently loving? I hope you all have an amazing day and please send some topic suggestions my way.

What I Ate Wednesday…

What I Ate Wednesday…

Happy hump day everyone!! Can you believe it’s already Wednesday. Totes excited for the weekend plus next week my friend is coming in from Florida and I can’t wait to see her. Anyways, nothing new and exciting going on in the food area. I’ve tried out some new recipes but it seems I enjoy going back to the same old, same old dinners…LOL! I have been enjoying my breakfasts & lunches so that’s good!! Here is my WIAW…enjoy!!

Peas and Crayons

Breakfast – egg & spinach omelet with a side of sliced cheddar cheese, strawberries, healthy banana muffin & green tea. I am loving the whole sliced cheese on the side but I am also bummed because we have no more banana muffins left…BOO! I think it’s time to bake some spinach muffins.


Lunch – turkey roll-ups, carrots with guacamole and green monster plus some water. I was lacking fruit in this meal but got blueberries, strawberries and banana in the smoothie so I think I’m good to go. Loving the turkey roll-ups lately.


Dinner – taco bowl which included: ground turkey, brown rice, guacamole, a little cheese, lettuce & tomato. I don’t know what I was thinking with the size of this because I barely finished 1/2 but at least I’ll have a great leftover for tomorrow.


FYI, we had our first “big” fall from Keely and poor thing cut up her lips but was lucky that her head didn’t hit the ground. Baby girl has been good with falls but Sunday was a different story. She was a trooper though and once she got some frozen yogurt, she was ALL GOOD!! My poor baby!! Well have a great day!!


Quote of the Day


❤ Christina Perri’s Arms