Budget Friendly Toddler Fun Ideas

Budget Friendly Toddler Fun Ideas

Happy Thursday Everyone! I can’t believe we are one day away from the weekend. Are you ready for the weekend? I know I am totally ready!! As I mentioned in some of my earlier posts, I am not working right now and just enjoying my time with Keely. I haven’t been home with her this much since I was home for three months when she was first born. Now that she is older and always moving, we need to keep busy throughout the day. Here are some things we have been doing this week to stay within our budget.

*Local Free Zoo. I don’t know if a lot of cities have them but Aurora (plus Chicago) has one and it’s the best. It’s just big enough to spend a nice morning there plus they have a great park that’s connected to it. Keely and I went there on Tuesday and had a lot of fun seeing the Mountain Lion & White Wolves.

IMG_0995 IMG_0994

*Forts. All week, Keely and I have been building forts and spent a lot of time in it reading books. I never realized how much effort it takes in putting a fort together especially since K likes them a certain way…ha-ha


*Window shopping. There is nothing wrong with walking around Target, Wal-Mart or the mall just to window shop. And maybe buy a Minnie Mouse doll…whatevs!


*Play in the pool. I think we’ve had the blow up pool up all week. When in doubt, swim or splash in the pool. Plus it’s a chance for momma to get a little tan.

*Feed ducks, fish & catch frogs. We live on a pond so we feed the ducks and fish everyday and recently we’ve been seeing a lot of frogs. I really wanted to keep this little guy but we let him go…:)


*Park.Park.Park. Again, Keely and I have been to the park all week It’s free and tons of fun for the little one plus I’ve met a lot of other mom’s in the neighborhood.

*Cafe & Play. We have a great place where the kids can play and moms/dads can enjoy a nice Cup of Joe. It’s pretty cheap as well for unlimited time ($8.50).

*Playdates. It’s always good to get together with other moms and kids.

*Visiting Grandma & Grandpa. Who doesn’t love spending time with G&G? Plus I get to spend time with my parents which I always enjoy.

*Movie Date. Keely isn’t into that much TV but we do enjoy the following: The Wiggles, Super Why! & Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Movies are next once she can sit for more than 15 minutes.

Like I said, I am still looking for a job (maybe just part-time) but I am making the most of my time with her. If any mommies out there have any other free/cheap ideas for toddlers, please send my way. Have a great day & see you tomorrow for Fun Fact Friday!! Cheers!!

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One thought on “Budget Friendly Toddler Fun Ideas

  1. Love all the pics, and Grandma can’t wait to check out that zoo by you!! (Rhymed)….Grandma will have to brush up on my fort building skills since it’s been…..forever since I’ve done that!! Even though a second income is great…..it’s THE BEST being home with Ms. K!! ENJOY THIS TIME!! you deserve the break….afterall, you’ve been working since you were 15….and babysat the neighbor kids before that….TIME OFF WELL DESERVED!! Love you….:-)

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