Fun Fact Friday

Fun Fact Friday

Happy Friday Everyone!! I can’t believe it’s already Friday. My first week home so far has been pretty great. My amazing parents came out on Wednesday to watch Keely so that I could grab lunch with an old co-worker. Now I know what SAHM mean when they tell me you need time away every so often. It did felt good to leave the house (childless) and have a nice adult lunch. We went to House of Tokyo and it was AMAZING!! Anyways, it’s been a great week and looking forward to the weekend. Before I start my facts of Friday, I’d like to wish my WONDERFUL Dad a VERY Happy Birthday!!

Happy Birthday Al Boy! Keely and I are so lucky to have you as a Dad & Grandpa!! We love you so much!!


Keely and Gramps feeding the fish!!

Dancing with my Dad

1. Like I mentioned, today is my Dad’s birthday so we will be hanging with my parents today to celebrate

2. We are going to our last Sox game of the season with the family on Saturday. I am ready for some hot dogs & beer!

3. I think I need to put a little money aside for Keely and I to do some shopping on Sunday (a girl needs a shopping day)

4. I have been loving the weather lately….70’s are my favorite

5. Workouts this week have been stellar – Cardio today, Weights tomorrow and outside run & yoga on Sunday

6. I see pizza in my near future…LOL

7. I hope you all have an amazing weekend.

8. Cheers!!

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