You Are Only Human

You Are Only Human

Hey Everyone! So when people use to ask me if I was ever planning to have kids, I’d probably say, “I don’t know”. Honestly, I didn’t know if I really wanted to have children when I first got married. Now, my mom would probably disagree with me and say that when I was younger I use to say that I wanted 4-5 kids. I think growing up as an only child (I wouldn’t have changed it for the world), I always wanted a brother or sister (now happy I don’t because I have a great relationship with my parents & my cousins are like my brothers & sisters). But once I was out of high school, I realized how much I enjoyed taking care of myself and having no responsibilities so I think my thought of children changed a lot.

Once I got married, it really changed. I didn’t want to get married and have children right away. I wanted to enjoy my 20’s, travel, work, spend time with family and friend, again, put myself FIRST. Once I turned 27, I started getting that itch as some friends were having kids and work was going good so why not. I also kept thinking how cool it would be to be the same age difference as my mom and I. Actually with my birthday being January 3rd and K’s being January 6th, my mom and I were on the same schedule which was totally awesome to compare stories.

Anyways, I promised myself when I became pregnant that I wasn’t going to be that “typical” pregnant person and not take care of myself. I wanted to have a healthy/fashionable pregnancy and I think I did pretty good with it. I only had to buy a few maternity jeans/pants as most of my stuff still fit me plus leggings look fabulous with boots. Once I started packing for the hospital, I kept reminding myself not to be that “typical” mom that doesn’t take care of herself either. I knew I was going to be having late nights and no sleep but I wanted to make sure I showered and actually have a normal life.

Well once we got home from the hospital, I was pretty wiped but that next day after Keely was feed and sleeping in her boppy, I took a shower and put on regular clothes. I made it a routine that after her 8am feeding that I would take a shower and get dressed for the day while she was napping. I was very lucky that Keely started sleeping through the night at about 3 weeks. She would go down at 9:30ish and not wake up till 5:30am for her first feeding. Now I would still get up and pump but was still getting enough sleep.

Now fast forward a year and half later and I’m still thinking the same thing. I was afraid that since I am home with her that I would be living in yoga pants and tank tops well that’s not the case here. I still get up early to get in a workout, shower, and dress for the day before Keely calls me. I like being in regular clothes, it makes staying at home feel good to me. Days that I plan an afternoon workout, I usually still get up for cardio or yoga, shower and put on my workout clothes. That usually only happens about twice a week. Keely is defiantly my first priority but if I don’t feel well or look well, it affect me which will affect her. No, I don’t really care what people think of me but I like to look presentable and take care of myself (both health & appearance wise) so that I can be around for a VERY long time!!

Anyways, this post is getting a little long so I’ll finish by saying that everyone is different but always remember that everyone needs a little “me” time and needs to feel good about themselves. Don’t feel guilty for thinking that way. Here is what I wore last week…Mommy Fashion…

Monday – I planned a morning & afternoon workout so it was leggings and a tank for me.


Tuesday – One of my GO-TO outfits


Wednesday – You have all seen these pants before…so comfy


Thursday – A lot of time was spent outside


Friday – This is what a momma wears out to see a band play. Shoes were the sandals I wore on Tuesday.


Quotes of the Day

Being a mother is... - Top 5 Quotes About Mothers - #EquisPlace

taking care of yourself is necessary... not selfish


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