Currently In My Life

Currently In My Life

Hi Everyone!! It’s almost the weekend and are you ready for it? I was going back and forth on what to write today, you know, blogger head fart…LOL. I’d like to start doing some deep writing on other topics but thought I’d leave it for another day plus I want some suggestions as well. Anyways, I wanted to give you my “current” list but in a new way. Currently…

Listening: to Pandora on my phone with the earbuds in while the nugget is sleeping plus I guess I am listening to myself type as well. ha-ha. As far as music goes, I’ve been listening to just about everything but mostly my stations are the following: Christina Perri, Usher, Lady Antebellum, Nysnc( I know but gotta love them) and Queen. Yesterday, I heard Jason Mraz a million times and forgot how much I really like his voice. Loving this song right now…

Loving: being with Keely every day. I’d still like a part-time job but have a couple interviews coming up with telecommute jobs which would totally work for me. I know my Mom loves watching & being with Keely so if I worked from home, I’d have her come over a few times a week to hang out with K. Keely loves the Grandma!!

Thinking: everything happens for a reason, a reason we may not know of yet but it happens. Also, God has a plan for everyone and he wouldn’t give you the life or situations you have now if he didn’t think you could handle them. Keeping positive!!


Wanting: to do some damage with clothes shopping…ha-ha.

Needing: FALL!! Now that we are coming up to the last week in August, I am totally ready for Fall and everything it has to offer. I love living in Chicago in the Fall. I need pumpkin, boots and scarves in my life.

Tip: Believe in yourself and live the BEST life you could live for yourself. Never give up on what you want in life because being happy is totally worth it!!

Dear You                      IMG_0453

What is one thing you are currently loving? I hope you all have an amazing day and please send some topic suggestions my way.


One thought on “Currently In My Life

  1. Love all the quotes! I’m loving my girls always…..:-)
    Even though us Midwestern’s get fed up with our weather at times, I wouldnt trade it for anything! Love the fact that we get to see God’s work with the 4 seasons! Bring on Fall….:-)

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