Let’s Workout

Let’s Workout

Hi Everyone! Hope you are all having a good week so far. I am hoping to go see my friend and her little boy who was born yesterday morning! I wanted to share with you some workouts I am totally loving lately. Yes, I find a lot of them on Pinterest…surprise, surprise but I also included the one Bob gave me which I will be doing on Thursday. First, here is my workout schedule for the week…

Monday – Cardio & Legs

Tuesday – Yoga

Wednesday – Cardio & Upper Body

Thursday – Cardio & Physique 57 (bringing it back into my life)

Friday – Total Body (with some cardio mixed in there)

Saturday – Bike Ride or Outdoor Long Walk

Workout to try…

Upper Body (3x 15 reps)

DB neutral chest press/DB V-Sit hold curls on bench

DB incline sup chest press/alt DB hammer curls

Push-up hold alt row/DB frontal raises

Seated row machine/alt DB overhead press

Assisted pull-up machine/assisted dips

Tricep push downs/push-up hold 90 degree

Fat-Blasting Treadmill Workout

I did this one yesterday morning and I was drenched…so good!!

Upper Body Workout.. You will perform 2-4 sets of each group with 10 reps of the first exercise, 12 reps of the second exercise, and 15 reps of the third exercise. It adds up FAST.

One of my favorite upper body workouts…gets it all

10-10-10 Strength & Cardio Circuit | Sweet Tooth, Sweet Life - her blog is AMAZING!!

This will always be a favorite for a total body workout plus cardio!

Full Body 30 Minute Circuit- up the weights

Another great total body workout

Morning Flow

Lastly, some yoga to get your morning going…

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