WIAW – Carb Lovin’

WIAW – Carb Lovin’

Happy WIAW to you all. Have you been enjoying some yummy food lately? I have been obsessed with pineapple lately and hope it never gets old. Pineapples & apples def help satisfy my sugar cravings. Besides fruit, I have totally been loving carbs. I usually don’t eat a lot of carbs throughout the day but Monday, WOW, bring on the bread. I can tell my body is getting ready for fall even though it’s still in the 90s over here. Here is what my plates looked like on Monday. Enjoy!!

Peas and Crayons

Breakfast – Green Monster (why, because I LOVE them), spinach muffin (BOO, last one), grapefruit (looks a little sad but was DELISH) & green tea


Lunch – Egg sandwich with veggie cream cheese & side of fruit


Dinner – Grilled Chicken sandwich with guacamole & homemade fries (this is Bob’s plate as I was hungry and took a bite before I could snap a picture. My chicken is a little smaller and I have less ketchup…LOL)


I may or may not have had a chocolate chip cookie for dessert…haha! Plus I had my usual 7pm Yogi Detox Tea (great way to end the day) Before I leave you all for the day, I wanted to share two pictures of my little girl from her recent photo shoot…

IMG_9539 IMG_9657

I think I should send the second one to Red Mango and see if they would like a toddler model…LOL!! Have a great day!!

Quote of the Day


4 thoughts on “WIAW – Carb Lovin’

  1. All your food looks yummy! I need the recipe for the homemade fries….they look delicious! Grams girl….how cute is she!! Loving the quote….so true!!

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