Fashion Friday

Fashion Friday

TGIF!! Hope you all are having a fabulous Friday so far and have some fun plans for the weekend . Today, Keely and I are doing some shopping at Trader Joes’s. Its been a while and I can’t wait to see my beloved TJ!! We are also going to visit with my friend Stacy and her little man, Caleb. On Saturday, we are planning to go walk around Morton Arboretum since we got some passes from friends then on Sunday, we are going to the last White Sox game with my family…can’t wait!! I wanted to write a little post about some outfits that I am planning to wear this fall. I’ll probably do another post like this later in the fall season. Hope you enjoy…

Outfit 1


I think I will be wearing this outfit EVERYDAY!!

Flannel Shirt – Old Navy, Gray Jeggings – AE, Cognac Boots – Target, Watch-Necklace-Bracelet – Forever21

Outfit 2


Denim Shirt – Old Navy, Cotton Skirt/Cognac Boots/Tights – Target & Watch/Bracelet – Forever21

Outfit 3


You can’t tell in the picture but the skinnys are an olive color…LOVE!!

Shirt/Olive Skinny Jeans – Forever21, Flats – Target, Jacket – H&M

Outfit 4


I couldn’t find maroon pants so a black & maroon shirt was second on my life.

Shirt – Forever21, Black Skinnies & Boots – Target, Necklace – Very Jane

Outfit 5


This is my “go-to” dress…FYI, this whole outfit is from Target (don’t judge…haha)

Dress/Cognac Boots/Scarf/Tights/Jean Jacket – Target

That’s it for now from this girl! Have an amazing weekend and see you on Monday for some marvelousness!! Cheers! xoxo

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Thursday Tens – Fall

Thursday Tens – Fall

Hi Everyone!! How are you all doing on this fine Thursday, actually fine fall Thursday!! Since we are now in the fall season and Halloween & Thanksgiving are right around the corner, I wanted to tell you my ten favorites of the fall season…

1. Pumpkin muffins & bread – HELLO, Duh!!

Pumpkin Bread   makes 2 loaves  Yummy!!

OMG, how AMAZING does this look!?!?!

2. Pumpkin Spice Latte – I have mentioned before I am not the biggest coffee drinker (except during the fall) but between Pumpkin Spice Latte & Chia Latte…SWOON!!

3. Boots, Scarves & Sweaters – FAVORITE fashion EVER!!

Cozy outfit

This outfit needs to get into my closet NOW!!

4. Crisp Air – nothing like taking a walk or sitting outside in the fall

5. Halloween – my second favorite holiday


Momma & her little Monster last Halloween

6. Thanksgiving – Turkey, Pumpkin Pie & Family…what more could you ask for??

7. Seasonal Beer – Fall by far has the BEST beer!!

Pumpkin Beers for October!

8. Pumpkin Patches & Carving – I am not the best at carving so this year, I’ll be painting my pumpkin

9. Our Anniversary – October is a pretty GREAT month!!

10. Family Parties – my family has an annual Oktoberfest then we get together for Thanksgiving & Saturday after for some zoo fun, plus we have birthdays in the fall as well.

I could seriously go on about the fall season but I think ten is good enough. All and all, you can totally see how FALLMAZING Fall really is…ha-ha!! Cheers! xoxo

Quote of the Day

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WIAW – The Lunch Special

WIAW – The Lunch Special

What day is it…Hump Day!! Welcome to another addition of What I Ate Wednesday, thanks to the fabulous Jenn. This addition is going to be about what I eat for lunch, usually. I am pretty good about breakfast & dinner but lunch can be a little “so-so” sometimes. I’ve been on such a routine that I MUST eat lunch by 12:30PM or I’ll start to get dizzy. I also don’t ever plan my lunches ahead of time because usually they change at the last minutes. Anyways, let’s get to it…

Salads (regular with some type of protein, chicken salad or egg salad)




Sandwiches (with deli meat & veggies or eggs)


Wraps (usually with turkey, cheese & veggies)


Randomness (anything goes)




All and all, I try to eat what I am craving but also try and get lots of protein, veggies & fruit in there as well. Have a great day!! Cheers!! XOXO

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The Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda

The Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda

The other day I was watching Sex and the City (it’s what happens when you have a sleeping toddler and house to yourself) and it was the one about “Coulda, Woulda. Shoulda and it got me thinking how I’ve been “shoulding” myself a lot lately. I’ve been home with Keely now for over a month. I was asked the other day, was it by choice? And honestly, I didn’t know how to answer it. Do I answer it with “well, my old company didn’t need me anymore” or “well, yes, it was my decision to be home with my daughter.” Actually it’s a little bit of both. My old job didn’t need my services anymore so I’ve been looking for a job in the time being but would love to spend everyday with my little munchkin.

Do I want to go back to the 40 hours a week (plus) in the office and never see Keely, NO! I would love that perfect job…part time in the office, part time at home or full time at home. Yes, I would have child care for Miss K but at least I’d see her when she gets up & be able to have breakfast and lunch with her which I enjoy doing now that I am home. I’ve been doing a lot of phone interviews and in-person interviews but nothing has really made me jump for joy. I want to make my next career move a good one and one that I am at for many years.

I have a hard time letting go of not being able to provide for Keely but Bob is doing a great job providing for us. I liked being able to go out and shop with “my money” whenever I wanted too. I loved being able to buy Keely lots of things and go to different places. Now we must live within our means which we are lucky because we are still able to do a lot of things. Bob was so nice and surprised me with a little shopping because he knows I’ve been down lately.

I mentioned to him the other day, how I “should’ve” stayed at the place I was at back in April but I was faced with a career move that I thought would be good for me and my family to only find myself totally mislead. I then had to ask my old boss for my job back and they brought me on as a contractor but for only 3 months. I thought they would def sign on for another year but that wasn’t the case. All I did the month of August was keep saying, “I could’ve done this or I would’ve done that or I should’ve just said no.”

Now over a month from being jobless (well, actually I have the best job in the world…being a MOM) and I am starting to realize everything happens for a reason and I wouldn’t trade being home with Keely for anything. She lights up my day and I love that she is attached to me. My mom is one of my best friends and I hope in the future Keely will say the same about me. So for now, I’m saying goodbye to the “Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda.”

Quote of the Day

As we drive along this road called life, occasionally a gal will find herself a little lost. And when that happens, I guess she has to let go of the coulda, shoulda, woulda, buckle up and just keep going.



What are you “shoulding” yourself about lately?

Marvelous In My Monday

Marvelous In My Monday

Happy MIMM Everyone!! Did you all have a good weekend? My weekend wasn’t too bad at all. I am pretty stoked for this coming weekend though so just got to get through the week. Let’s get onto the marvelous Monday…

Marvelous is…


This little munchkin…she’s too funny!  Since Bob has been working a lot lately, it’s been Keely and I all day together and she just cracks me up. We fed the ducks all weekend and yesterday they took from her hands and she went crazy and wanted to go hug them. Such a hoot!!

Marvelous is…


Costco and their Christmas displays….LOVE it!! Can you believe that Christmas is three months from Wednesday…cray cray! I think I will start my shopping early this year.

Marvelous is…


Cuddling in my bed with my little girl. I think she is totally ready for a “big girl” bed because now she is starting to put her legs over the railings in her crib. I am debating rather or not to move her into a toddler bed (her crib is convertible) or twin bed, suggestions?

Marvelous is…

NOT WORKOUT ALL WEEKEND. The only thing I did was yoga (20 minutes) on Friday & 20 minutes treadmill walking on Saturday. I def needed the time off of the gym, weights and cardio and did it feel GOOD!!

Marvelous is…

IMG_0295 IMG_0293

Two quotes for ya…one that’s SO true and one that’s SO funny & true

Have a marvelous Monday!! Cheers! xoxo

Facts of Friday

Facts of Friday

Happy Friday Everyone! How has your week been? Mine has been pretty busy. I couldn’t find time to blog for yesterday’s post but I am here today!! 🙂 Keely and I have pretty much been non-stop all week which is always a good thing as it helps with naptime. I have also been pretty busy applying to jobs while she is napping so that’s why I didn’t blog yesterday. Bob has been super busy with working in the city so it’s pretty much K & I lately which isn’t a bad thing at all even though I know she misses seeing her Daddy. We have a pretty busy weekend coming up as well so here are some “facts of Friday”…

1. Today, we are doing a playdate with an old friend and her two kids. I am looking forward to catching up with her and meeting her two adorable kids.

2. Saturday, we are going to the open house at My Gym for an hour or two to play and see friends then it’s onto grocery shopping & naptime.

3. During naptime I have a realtor coming over to take some pictures of the house & give me comps in the area. Yes, we are looking into putting the house up for sale.

4. I am actually excited about the whole selling the house thing as I think it’s time for something new & improved.

5. Sunday, I am planning to do some meal planning & prepping.

6. Next week I am planning to change up my eating habits. I have been dealing with some digestive problems (TMI – will touch on this subject next week) and need to reevaluate my eating habits. Hoping for some changes.

7. I CANNOT wait to get my purchase from Forever21 that I ordered last Sunday. I will make sure to take pictures of the outfits I am planning for the Fall

8. Sunday is the First Day of Autumn…YAY!!

9. Mitzy (my car) hit her 100th birthday yesterday – which means she now has over 100,000 miles on her. Gotta make sure I keep her healthy!! 🙂

10. I hope you all have an amazing weekend. Cheers!! xoxo

Quote of the Day

Friendship quotes

LOVE my friends!! ❤



Happy WIAW Everyone! Hope you all are having a wonderful “hump” day so far. Today on the blog you will be seeing my love for EGGS!!

Peas and Crayons

Breakfast – Omelet with Spinach, Pumpkin Muffin with Almond Butter, Strawberries & Pineapple, Green Tea (x2) and Vitamins (Biotin, Multi & Fish Oil)


Mid-Morning – Tall Pumpkin Spice Latte (Non-Fat, No Whip) – Hello, LOVER!!


Mid-Morning Adventure – The free Aurora Zoo & Petland (The Mountain Lions were out playing yesterday & Keely found her “future” puppy)


Lunch – Egg Salad (made with three eggs, Earth Balance Mayo, a little Mustard & Paprika), Pecan Nut Thins, Apple with Almond Butter & Carrots plus a big glass of water


Naptime Entertainment – Sex and the City…LOVE!! Plus I did some job searching as well.


Dinner – Pad Thai/ I grabbed dinner with an old co-worker and it was so much fun catching up & having some Thai (no picture)

Have a great Wednesday!! Cheers! xoxo

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