One Piece, Many Ways…

One Piece, Many Ways…

Hello!! Today, I wanted to do a link up to One Piece Many Ways Linkup as I totally love using one item many different ways. I’m not the best at it but Audrey’s Blog has really helped me to use the items I have in my closet. When I find something that I like and fits well, I usually end up getting it in many different colors. Today, I am going to show you different ways to wear a tank blouse that I got from Old Navy over a year ago. I also have this tank blouse in two other color combos. Hope you enjoy the many ways I wear this shirt.

Putting Me Together

Casual Outfit


Skinny Jeans (AE) – Cardigan (Target) – Tank Blouse (Old Navy) – Nude Flats (Target)

Business/Work Outfit


Pencil Skirt (Forever21) – Cardigan (Target) – Tank Blouse (Old Navy) – Black Pumps (DSW)

Date Night Outfit


Black Skinny Jeans (Target) – Tank Blouse (Old Navy) – Bubble Necklace (Very Jane) – Black Pumps (DSW)

Two Casual Skirt Outfits



First (Summer Outfit) – Cotton Skirt (Target) – Tank Blouse (Old Navy) – Cardigan (Target) – Black Flats (Target)

Second (Fall Outfit) – Cotton Skirt (H&M) – Black Cardigan (Old Navy) – Tank Blouse (Old Navy) – Bubble Necklace (Very Jane) – Boots (Target) – Tights (Target)

Quote of the Day

Rachel Zoe Fashion quote


15 thoughts on “One Piece, Many Ways…

  1. Giiiirrrrrlll! You are ROCKIN’ those skinny jeans! 🙂 You look great! My favorite outfit is the last one…it looks really cozy! Stopping by from Audrey’s link-up! Holly @ The Young Museum

  2. that’s a surprisingly versatile top, very cute! I think the last look is my favorite because I wouldn’t have thought you could mix such a springy print and color with tights and boots, but it looks amazing!

  3. TOTALLY adorable! I love the colors you’ve paired that top with. I can’t even choose a favorite out of these. I would totally wear every single one of them!

  4. I LOVE that top! I’m always drawn to colorful, floral tops (usually tanks, as well) like this simply because of their versatility. They can be dressed up or down, for warm weather or cooler weather, with many colored cardigans or blazers, worn tucked or untucked, etc.! My favorite look you put together is the one with the yellow skirt – SO CUTE!

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