A Day In The Life – 20 Months

A Day In The Life – 20 Months

Hello World!! How is your week going so far? Mine is going pretty good and looking forward to getting some things done this weekend. I wanted to do a little update on my days with Keely as she will be 2 years old in 4 months…when did that happen?!?! Every day is something new with my little munchkin and I wouldn’t change it for the world. I have enjoyed being home with her and love making memories with her. So here is what a normal day looks like for us…

5:30AM – my alarm goes up and I get up for my morning workout. If I am going to the gym that day, it’s a 6:00AM wake-up call but usually I like to get up by 5:45AM the latest.

6:30AM – shower & dress for the day

7:00AM – breakfast and computer time (checking emails, blogging, & applying for jobs)

7:40ish – I start to hear a little movement or talking in K’s bedroom

8:00AM/8:15AM – I am finally getting called to come get her…she will talk to her stuffed animals when she first wakes up and I just wait till she starts to call me.

8:30ish – diaper change and playtime till breakfast


Someone is hiding…

8:45AM-9:00AM – she is finally sitting down to eat breakfast. She isn’t very hungry when she gets up so we wait a little bit till she’s ready (on my gym days, I’ll give her something around 8:40ish as we need to be there at 9:15 and she’ll have a snack in the car as well)

9:20AM-11:20AM – it’s playtime, reading time, wiggles/super why time. We will also do grocery shopping around this time as well. She might ask for a snack around 10:15ish too.

11:30AM/12:00PM – Lunch time (I will have my lunch after she goes down for a nap and will usually clean up the house or work on the computer more as well)

12:15PM-2:00/2:15PM – Nap time (we will read two books then say “good nap” to everything in the room…LOL)


Pictures from Grandma & Grandpa’s

2:30PM-4:30PM – we will usually play outside till it’s time to make dinner

4:30PM – She will help me make dinner and sometime likes to eat earlier then us

5:00PM/5:15PM – Dinner time

5:30PM-6:30PM – Playtime with Dad and neighbor kids


Sporting her My Gym shirt

6:40ish – Bath time

7:00PM – Sippy cup of milk

7:30PM – Bedtime (we will read one nighttime book then again, we say “goodnight” to everything in the room)

7:40-9:00 – TV time for Momma

Keely def keeps me busy throughout the day but like I mentioned earlier, I wouldn’t change it at all. She is the BEST and I love being with her everyday!! xoxo

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