Five Fun Facts of Friday

Five Fun Facts of Friday

HAPPY FRIDAY!! Yes, I wrote it in caps as I am screaming it to you all!! For some odd reason this week seemed very long to me. I am so ready for the weekend and ready for a semi relaxing one as well. Plus the Chicago Bears play on Sunday so I am thinking, it’s time to break out the fall-time appetizers. Anyways, here are five facts for Friday…

1. Keely picked out a pair of boots on Thursday and she was wearing them ALL DAY! Adorbs!!

2. I am totally ready for fall weather (come on boots & sweaters)!!

3. We are planning to go into the city this weekend for some zoo action and just to walk around since it’s going to be nice outside.

4. I have an interview next week and a phone interview as well…YAY!!

5. I hope you all have an AMAZING weekend.

Fun Quote of the Day

So me!!


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