Role Models? Are They Out There?

Role Models? Are They Out There?

Hi Everyone! I wanted to talk today about role models and for mommies out there, are there any celebrity role models anymore? While I was watching the VMA’s this year (I don’t usually watch them but HAD to see JT & Nsync), I was rather disturbed by Miley Cyrus. I know it was def the talk of the week and has been ever since then but WOW, come on. I totally get that she’s no longer “Hannah Montana” but I think how she performed was just for the attention & totally wrong. Again, this is my opinion but as a Mom now, I wouldn’t want Keely to EVER see it. I know she will see things I won’t like but it’s also my job to teach her right and wrong, right?!?!

Growing up in the 80’s, did we have good celebrity role models?!?! Well, Madonna probably wasn’t the best but we had some pretty good shows like Crosby Show, Wonder Years, Full House, etc that gave you some great lessons and they were kids being kids. I think back when I was a kid and trust me, I was playing with Barbie’s till I was about 14 years old. I didn’t want to grow up and still wish I could play with Barbie’s. It’s sad to me to see children wanting to grow up so fast and knowing WAY too much for their age.

I don’t think my parents and I had the whole “S-E-X” talk till I was a Sophomore or Junior in High School because, one: I didn’t really care and two: I was not ready at all to have the talk till then and maybe even older. I like the fact that I was enjoying my childhood and not worrying about boys and being popular. My parents were great role models for me plus I had two older cousins who were (and are still) like my older brother & sister, who were great role models too. I worry everyday that Keely is going to get sucked into what society “thinks” is right now-a-days but like my Mom always says to me, it’s how we raise her and I am planning to raise her to be a KID till she has to grow up.

I hope that she will think with her own head and not listen to the negativity and toxic thoughts of others. I want her to use her imagination, learn from mistakes and just plain and simple, HAVE FUN!! Again, being a Mom and seeing Miley Cyrus’ performance was just horrible and I hope all the kids (pre-teens) don’t follow in her footsteps. It saddens me that Miley might think that no one really cares for her and that’s why she needs to seek attention but she’s a beautiful young woman and needs to know that people do care and just want the best for her.

No parents ever wants to see their child go through a tough time, we all know what the teenage years is like and WE (parents) have to be the ones to stand by our children and support them. Let them know that you are there for them and they can come to you no matter what happens because YOU (parents) love them no matter what & will always love them. Again, this is my opinion but if parents aren’t there for their children, then who is? Starting now, I will always let Keely know that I am there for her (I feel like I’ve been doing it but I’ll do it more) and will always love her. She is still young but I have to make sure to set the right example for her and I hope one day she thinks of me as a role model. She’s pretty terrific already so I don’t think I have anything to worry about…:)

Have a great day & thanks for listening to my rant…xoxo!

Quote of the Day

They will imitate you to a "t"..such a great quote. wish i could help some kids I know. Their mother is need of some help.


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