WIAW – Breakfast Style

WIAW – Breakfast Style

Before we start WIAW lets take a moment to remember all those effected by 911. Our prayers are still with you!!

9-11 Monument -  New York City


Are you all having a good week so far? I wanted to showcase the “Breakfast of Champs” over here as breakfast is the MOST important meal of the day. I’ve always been a breakfast person and if I don’t have it my day is totally thrown off as my blood sugar drops then I start to get the shakes and a headache…never good! Because I workout in the morning, I need to make sure I fuel myself correctly. Anyways, here is what I usually eat in the morning. Everyday is different but it usually always involves: protein, carbs & healthy fats. Enjoy…

Smoothie – you can’t go wrong with a green smoothie that includes the following: spinach, protein powder, frozen bananas (sometimes strawberries & blueberries), broccoli (recently started adding and love it), carrots, flaxseed, almond milk & almond butter (delish and packed with yumminess)



Eggs – I usually have either an omelet or scrambled eggs every morning filled with spinach & a little cheese (sometimes I’ll add peppers or broccoli as well). IMG_1324


Cereal/Granola – I don’t usually eat a lot of cereal/granola but when I do, I’ll have it with a green smoothie & Lactose milk that includes vitamin D. My favorite is the Archer Farm Hazelnut Granola at Target (SO GOOD) or Quaker Oat Squares.



Oatmeal – I LOVE oatmeal in the winter months but I’ll eat all throughout the year at least once or twice a week. This oatmeal was leftover from the day before so there wasn’t much too it and that’s why I added the egg & protein smoothie.


Yes, I brought out my pumpkin centerpiece…it’s September which means Fall is around the corner…LOL!

Always remember to fuel yourself in the morning as it’s the most important meal of the day and will define how the rest of your eating goes throughout the day. Cheers!! xoxo

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