Thoughts of Tuesday

Thoughts of Tuesday

Hey Ya’ll! How’s your week going so far?!?! Mine isn’t too bad. There has been so many thoughts that have been going on in this crazy head of mine so I thought I should jot them down…

1. How is this Sunday the first day of Autumn already?!?! Even though I LOVE Fall/Autumn, it’s funny to me that it’s already here.

2. Should I start Christmas shopping? I usually Christmas shop in November/early December but feel like I should get ahead of the game now while I am home with Keely. We pretty know what we are planning to get her so why not start buying, right?!?!

3. Again, why don’t people use their turn signals…blows my mind.

4. How many cups of Pumpkin Spice coffee is too much….AHHHH!! 🙂

5. I did a little shopping for myself this weekend and purchased a flannel/plaid shirt from Old Navy which I am IN LOVE with and can’t wait to wear the outfit below…mine has more red in it but can be paired with jeans, gray jeans, black jeans or white jeans…YAY!!

I would like to be this cute and cozy every day this fall. plaid/flannel, grey skinnies, boots.

6. I’d like to start a tradition this year with Keely where she gives away some of her “old” toys…do I bring them to a shelter or hospital, suggestions.

7. Why haven’t I eaten more grapes? I’ve been adding them to my lunch for the past week and totally loving them!!

8. I think this weekend I will be making some of that fabulous Taco Chili…so good!!

9. Even though I’ve been doing my yoga challenge, I’m still finding myself needing the motivation to workout, anyone else feel the same lately?!?!

10. I hope you all have a wonderful day & see you tomorrow for WIAW. Cheers! xoxo

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