Marvelous In My Monday

Marvelous In My Monday

Happy MIMM Everyone!! Did you all have a good weekend? My weekend wasn’t too bad at all. I am pretty stoked for this coming weekend though so just got to get through the week. Let’s get onto the marvelous Monday…

Marvelous is…


This little munchkin…she’s too funny!  Since Bob has been working a lot lately, it’s been Keely and I all day together and she just cracks me up. We fed the ducks all weekend and yesterday they took from her hands and she went crazy and wanted to go hug them. Such a hoot!!

Marvelous is…


Costco and their Christmas displays….LOVE it!! Can you believe that Christmas is three months from Wednesday…cray cray! I think I will start my shopping early this year.

Marvelous is…


Cuddling in my bed with my little girl. I think she is totally ready for a “big girl” bed because now she is starting to put her legs over the railings in her crib. I am debating rather or not to move her into a toddler bed (her crib is convertible) or twin bed, suggestions?

Marvelous is…

NOT WORKOUT ALL WEEKEND. The only thing I did was yoga (20 minutes) on Friday & 20 minutes treadmill walking on Saturday. I def needed the time off of the gym, weights and cardio and did it feel GOOD!!

Marvelous is…

IMG_0295 IMG_0293

Two quotes for ya…one that’s SO true and one that’s SO funny & true

Have a marvelous Monday!! Cheers! xoxo


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