Thursday Tens – Fall

Thursday Tens – Fall

Hi Everyone!! How are you all doing on this fine Thursday, actually fine fall Thursday!! Since we are now in the fall season and Halloween & Thanksgiving are right around the corner, I wanted to tell you my ten favorites of the fall season…

1. Pumpkin muffins & bread – HELLO, Duh!!

Pumpkin Bread   makes 2 loaves  Yummy!!

OMG, how AMAZING does this look!?!?!

2. Pumpkin Spice Latte – I have mentioned before I am not the biggest coffee drinker (except during the fall) but between Pumpkin Spice Latte & Chia Latte…SWOON!!

3. Boots, Scarves & Sweaters – FAVORITE fashion EVER!!

Cozy outfit

This outfit needs to get into my closet NOW!!

4. Crisp Air – nothing like taking a walk or sitting outside in the fall

5. Halloween – my second favorite holiday


Momma & her little Monster last Halloween

6. Thanksgiving – Turkey, Pumpkin Pie & Family…what more could you ask for??

7. Seasonal Beer – Fall by far has the BEST beer!!

Pumpkin Beers for October!

8. Pumpkin Patches & Carving – I am not the best at carving so this year, I’ll be painting my pumpkin

9. Our Anniversary – October is a pretty GREAT month!!

10. Family Parties – my family has an annual Oktoberfest then we get together for Thanksgiving & Saturday after for some zoo fun, plus we have birthdays in the fall as well.

I could seriously go on about the fall season but I think ten is good enough. All and all, you can totally see how FALLMAZING Fall really is…ha-ha!! Cheers! xoxo

Quote of the Day

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One thought on “Thursday Tens – Fall

  1. OCTOBER!! My favorite time of the year, well except for Christmas of course!! Loving this quote, how cute, and I just made a wish!! October 24, 2008 was a Wonderful Day! Hard to believe you and Bob will be married 5 years….where does the time go?? CHEERS to all the fun times we have had….and to the ones that are still to come….:-)

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