It’s A Challenge

It’s A Challenge

Happy 1st of October!! Can you believe we are now in October, how crazy!! October is probably one of my favorite months so I am totally looking forward to the month. I decided a week ago to do another challenge. Last month I did a yoga challenge (which I am still doing until October 9th) and this month, I will be doing a blog challenge. So I will be answering or writing about certain things. Today, I will be writing 5 things about myself…enjoy!!

Five Things About Karen Marie…

1. I was born on January 3rd (YAY for Capricorns)

2. My color is gray (use to be blue but I have really fallen in love with the color gray)

3. I have a daughter names Keely

4. I have been married to Bob for 5 years (October 24th)

5. I did the Disney Internship in College and it was the BEST experience EVER!

I think I am really going to enjoy this challenge this month. I will make sure to update you all on my Yoga challenge next week. Have a great day! Cheers! xoxo

Question: When is your birthday?

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One thought on “It’s A Challenge

  1. Well hello Karen Marie! Can’t wait to see what other interesting things will be on your blog this month! Love the quote, I would say I fit into this category….:-)

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