Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites

Happy TGIF Everyone!! Are you totes excited about the weekend? I know I am pretty stoked it’s the weekend again. These weeks are just flying right now. I think next week I am going to totally buckle down and start some Christmas shopping. I know, it’s EARLY but I feel like now that I have time, why not shop?!?! Anyways, let’s get to my Friday Favorites and 3 Favorite Books (Challenge question)…

Favorite Outfit

Olive pants: grey top + black/navy cardigan. Rolled up with flats. Could even use navy sleeveless cardigan

With my recent purchase of olive skinnies, I plan on putting together this outfit very soon!!

Favorite Picture

When will humans start recognizing their relatives?

OMG, I have no words!!

Favorite Workout

Shape Up: How to Do a 1-Hour Workout in 30 Minutes

I did this workout yesterday and was drenched in sweat after the 30 minutes…so good!!

Favorite Recipe

these are my go to Pumpkin muffins when I am in pinch *usually make them with cream cheese icing*

I am still on my pumpkin kick with these muffins!! Good & Easy!!

Favorite Quote

let it go quote

❤ Perfect!!

Favorite Place


I LOVE Chicago…it’s my kinda town!! ❤

Favorite 3 Books

Beautiful Bastard Series – I liked 50 Shades of Gray but thought the writing in Beautiful was a lot better. If you like a little “mommy porn” then defiantly pick this book up. I love me some Bennett Ryan!!

Hunger Games – I think all of them were very good! Plus the movie wasn’t that bad.

Vampire Academy – This was probably one of my favorite “newer” vampire series besides Anne Rice.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and we will see you Monday for some marvelousness!! Cheers! XOXO

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