Pet Peeves

Pet Peeves

Hi ya’ll! Let’s talk today about pet peeves. Something we all have (most of us have a lot of them) and something we don’t like very much. I’ll only be talking about 3 of my pet peeves but I honestly think I really only have about 3 of them so it’s perfect. Let’s get this party started…

1. Turn Signals – I have discussed this a lot on here but it’s my biggest pet peeve. I don’t get why people don’t use them to change lanes, turn at a light, or when going down an aisle. It’s funny because lately those that I’ve seen not using a turn signal usually has a car that has a bump on it. Well I guess getting into an accident isn’t a funny thing but you get me.

2. Not Cleaning Up After Yourself– I am really trying to get Keely to clean up after herself but she’s just not really getting it right now. Bob on the other hand, well, it’s a working progress I guess and hopefully it will happen. 🙂

3. You Said It, Deal With It – I don’t understand why people can’t deal with situations when they were the ones to cause the situation. If you say and do things to people then “try” and put the blame on someone else, well, that’s just immature and stupid…GROW UP!!

So now it’s your turn…What is one of your top pet peeves?

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3 thoughts on “Pet Peeves

  1. I agree with all your pet peeves! I have the same ones! Although your father is great at picking up after himself, maybe a little too much, can get on my nerves at times…haha! But, I am all about you said it or did it, its out there, so take responsibility….noone put a knife in your back to make you do or say things, yes can people rub you the wrong way, know what buttons to push, absolutely, but its all about controling how you respond, but again be RESPONSIBLE, AND ACCOUNTABLE FOR YOUR ACTIONS!! As far as turn signals, yes big pet peeve of mine!!
    Ms. K helps Grandma pick up things around here, but then again….I’m Grandma, I kind of have an advantage….hehe!

  2. Fun post! I too HATE when people don’t use turn signals… especially when your driving the belt way (busy highways). I mean it’s not like it takes much effort to flick it on.

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