Take A Look Inside…

Take A Look Inside…

Hey Everyone! How are you doing? Ready for Friday or what? Today, we will be taking a look into my purse. I usually carry a bigger purse but this the beginning of the year, I’ve been using my crossbody purses a lot more. I think it has to do with going out a lot with Keely and it’s just easier. I don’t keep a lot in purse as I like to just carry what I need at the moment. Well let’s get to it…


Bob got me this purse for Christmas last year and it’s probably one of my favorites. It fits just about everything I need so it’s perfect for me plus goes with everything.  Bob has a little tradition that every Christmas, he buys me a new purse, I love it!! 🙂 So what do we have in the purse? Well, I’ll tell ya…

1. Coach small wallet (gift from old boss) – fits all the cards, money & pictures I need with me at all times.

2. Two prayer cards from my grandparents funeral – might be weird for some but I need them with me!!

3. Bronzer – I don’t wear foundation so this keeps my skin even looking but it has a mirror.

4. Half a KindBar – usually need a little snack while out shopping.

5. Three lip balm – A glossy one, Baby Lips which has some color to it and chapstick.

6. Gum – I usually have a pack with me but need to replenish it.

7. Hand lotion – always need it.

Like I said, it’s not a lot but enough for me. If I carry a larger purse I’ll also put a small brush in there and some hair ties. I also put my cellphone & keys in my purse but we all know what those look like…right?!?! Now, it’s your turn, what is one thing that you must ALWAYS have in your purse?

Quote of the Day

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Always Remember!!

One thought on “Take A Look Inside…

  1. Love the purse! Love what you have in it, especially the prayer cards for Grandma and Grandpa! That is something I dont have in my purse, but do carry their picture! Like you I need them with me at all times….:-) I have the silver heart with the saying on it that you gave me for my birthday two years ago, that needs to be with me at all times, and of course my K girl’s pictures!! Love the quote too!!

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