Weekend Recap

Weekend Recap

Hi Everyone!! I can’t believe I missed MIMM but we were non-stop this weekend. I promise to get back on track tomorrow for my eats from today. Let’s do a little recap from the weekend. On Friday, I had an early interview for a job with an exhibit company, it went great and I indulged in with a small coffee & three pumpkin munchkin from DD…man those little guys are amazing! After I got home from the interview, we hung out and I got in a nice 1 mile jog on the treadmill. Once Keely was down for a nap, I actually took a nap which usually NEVER happens. Woke up and got some things done around the house before she got up then played the rest of the day.

On Saturday, I went to the gym for an early morning workout then came home to have breakfast with my girl. Afterwards, we got ready and headed to Traders Joes, I heart that place. We were suppose to go to my cousin’s baseball game in the afternoon but it was raining all day so we opted to stay home and relax. On Sunday, I actually slept in and used it as a rest day. We left the house early for my cousin’s baseball which ended up being a WIN…Go Matthew! After the game, Matthew came with us and we went to a pumpkin patch near our house. Keely and Matthew had so much and we bought some pumpkins to crave & paint next weekend. After the pumpkin patch we had dinner then a little bonfire which was so much fun. Matthew slept over night which was a lot of fun for Keely.

Yesterday, I got up early for a 3-mile jog outside then once everyone was feed and dressed, we went to the free zoo. After the zoo, Bob and Matthew went to the park to hit the ball around while Keely took a nap. It was a pretty busy weekend but SO much fun. This weekend we have my family’s Oktoberfest which should be a lot of fun as well. I am making an appetizer for our “Oktoberfest Competition” plus apple slices and dip. Well I am off to go hang out with my sweets…enjoy some pictures from the weekend. Cheers! XOXO


Happy Fall/Halloween from Keely


Cousin LOVE!! ❤


So Sweet!!


I heart bonfires!!

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