Lesson Learned

Lesson Learned

Happy Hump Day!! I am not going to be posting about my eats today, I know CRAY-CRAY! I wanted to try to stick with my October Blog Challenge and the challenge today is to write about something you have learned recently. I think it’s pretty perfect timing because this year has been a crazy one. 🙂 I have realized that the older I get the more I am nervous (maybe not trusting) to get close to a lot of people. I think when you get hurt by a lot of people in your lifetime (especially those close to you), you start to hold back from new people.

I think growing up you always want to have a really big group of friends but in the end does it really matter the size of it?!?! I have talked (been friends) with a lot of people over the past 20 some years but I am really happy with the people I have in my life now. I feel they are all in my life for a reason, a reason I may not know of right now but a reason I am happy with right now.

I’ve always taken pride in being someone who is always there for people, no matter what and I am glad that I have finally found some friends that have truly been there for me and will continue to be there for me because that’s what’s involved in a good friendship. You have to be able to laugh, cry & fight with each other in a true friendship. You must also be able to make great memories as well.

What do they say, “age is just a number.” Well I kind of believe that “a number is a just a size” and who cares what size your circle of friends is because when the going gets tough, who’s going to be there for you?!?! I’ll leave with this (and some quotes), cherish those in your life that love you because life is short and without them, does life matter? LOVE!!

Friendship quotes

.like on your honeymoon when your friend needs you! Yep!

Quotes www.luluvise.com best friendship by julie


One thought on “Lesson Learned

  1. Wow great blog today! Love all the quotes! and like you said in your blog, it doesnt matter the amount of friends you have, it’s the friends that are there for you no matter what! It’s the quality, not the quantity!

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