Hey ya’ll and welcome to another addition of What I Ate Wednesday. We are keeping it short and sweet as I got things to do and peeps to hang with today (well, I gotta hang with Miss Keely but you get me…:))

Breakfast – this is becoming a staple in the house and I am TOTALLY okay with it…spinach omelet, gluten free raisin toast with almond butter and fruit (today, banana) with orange juice (not an everyday thing but I am currently fighting a nasty cold) and green tea


Lunch – Again, with this cold, I have pretty much lost my appetite so it’s been smoothies & cereal (I know not the best but gotta roll with it)


Dinner – Bob made a meal to “die for” Monday night. Stuffed chicken with couscous, arugula and edamame. YUM!!


Well that’s what my plates looked like on Monday plus I may or may not have split a kit-kat with Bobby (I’m guessing YES). 🙂 Have an amazing Wednesday and make sure to check out some other WIAW posts at Peas and Crayons. Cheers! XOXO

Quote of the Day


7 thoughts on “WIAW

  1. Loving all your meals! Boy, my spinaach omelet did not look like yours, thats for sure, but hey it hit the spot!! Hope you feel better soon, and I think Bobby needs to open up a restaurant along with his cousin Maggie! I think these two cooks are missing their calling….:-)
    Have a good day today with Ms. K!! Love the quote…..cute!!

  2. Even with your cold, everything still looks super yummy! I eat the same breakfast everyday – pb&banana toast. Is Bob your husband? how lucky you are to have one that can cook!!

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