Thankful for…

Thankful for…

My Home…

Home is Where the Heart Is Wall Art

I am going to keep it short and sweet again as I am dealing with a nasty cold that’s kicking my booty. I truly believe this statement because when I was traveling with work, as much as I enjoyed it, coming HOME after a work trip always felt so good. When I was working in the office, I use to love my drive home because I knew as soon as I would open the door, I’d see an adorable little girl waiting for me and a loving hubby as well.

Home and Family Quote - Printable digital file

I love being busy and out and about everyday but sometimes just hanging out at home one weekend is just what your soul needs. We currently have the house up for sale so that we can move closer to the city but this is our first house that we bought together and will always be close to my heart. Yes, there are days that I can’t wait to leave but there are also days that I would like to see Keely grow up here. This is the house we become husband & wife in, hosted many parties and get together, celebrated the birth of our little girl and also saw her turn one (and probably two) so as you can see it means a lot to me but if we sell, I am ready to take on new adventures.

So to end this post, here are the two reasons I am so THANKFUL for my home…the two people I share it with…




3 thoughts on “Thankful for…

  1. Love your blog today! and the quotes, and of course your pictures! That’s how Dad and I feel about the house in Riverdale, although it wasn’t anything fancy it was our first home, and you were born there and grew up, and many party’s especially your birthday parties with all your girlfriends, that was the most fun, which you still have to look forward to with Keely…’s the best!! oh and last but not least…..where we hosted the BEARS WINNING THE SUPER BOWL!!!! January 1986!! geez where does the time go!! C’mon Bears, let’s do it again!!

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