It’s hump day!! Wow, this week is just flying by that’s for sure. Before I start another addition of WIAW, I’d like to wish the Bestie a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I am so thankful that Katie came into my life because she’s pretty incredible and I know our friendship will last till we are old and gray and WAY beyond that as well. I hope you have an amazing day, Bestie!! Can’t wait till December when you are living back here and we get to see each other EVERYDAY…ha-ha. Love you!


The Birthday Girl and I…we need to recreate this night again!! ❤

Now, let’s get to my eats from the weekend…

Peas and Crayons


IMG_2191 IMG_2041 IMG_2151

My breakfast on the weekends is usually good as I workout in the morning so I like to make sure I fuel myself for the day…


IMG_0160 IMG_0440 IMG_1300

My lunch on the weekends can either look like one of these or nothing at all (I know, HORRIBLE) as we are usually “go-go” on the weekends during lunchtime or she is napping and I am getting things done around the house and will wipe up a quick smoothie to down while doing chores.


IMG_0555 IMG_1291 IMG_2074 IMG_2177

Most dinners on the weekends will be eaten at home but sometimes we will go out to eat as well. Some of them may include an adult beverage and dessert. Hey, it’s the weekend, right?!?! Anyways, I try and keep where my eating doesn’t change that much during the week and weekend.

Well I hope you all have a fabulous Wednesday and don’t forget to check out some more yummy meals over at Peas and Crayons. Cheers!! XOXO

Quote of the Day

Best Friends


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