Thankful For…

Thankful For…

Green Smoothies!! Today, it’s all about being thankful of something green so I am picking my green smoothies and not money…ha-ha!!




I have a green smoothie just about everyday (sometimes even twice a day) and they are delish. Here’s what’s in mine: spinach, almond milk & butter, frozen banana (sometimes frozen berries as well), protein powder and flaxseed…mmm…mmm…GOOD!! That cute little green thing you see in the last picture is my spinach muffins which are to die for with some almond butter on them. Anyways, the best thing about “green monsters” is that you can put in whatever you would like and it’s very nutritious. Well you probably couldn’t put something in unhealthy and have it be healthy but if that’s what you wanna do, then so be it!  I’ll put in carrots, broccoli and kale from time to time as well. If you haven’t tried one yet, now is the time. Cheers!! XOXO

Quote of the Day

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3 thoughts on “Thankful For…

  1. Love the quote! and btw grams is craving green smoothies, or any smoothie as of right now, the ole blender bit the dust, soooo, I hope Santa brings me a new one!! ya hear that Santa….:-)

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