Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday Everyone! Did you all have a good week? It’s weird that I am writing a Friday post already as it feels like it should be a Monday or something. Today is my first day with my new part-time job. I am going into the office today to learn about their marketing plan but hoping to be working from home a lot more once I get some training and learn about my role. Anyways, we have a pretty relaxed weekend planned which totally ROCKS. Well, let’s get to my favorites from the week…

Favorite Picture


We went to the *free* zoo this week and the Mountain Lions were out and ready to play…

Favorite Outfit

Laid Back

How cute is this outfit for a Mom on the go?!?!

Favorite Snuggle Buddy


Kisses for my munchkin!!

Favorite Place

Such a beautiful Christmas Light display!

Tis the Season, Disney!!

Favorite Quote

Us girls can be so hard on our selves. But, God made us all for a purpose and a calling. #Psalms139:14

So perfect to end the week with this quote…you all are AMAZING!!

Favorite Song/Video

Getting into the Holiday Season over here with one of my favorite Christmas songs!!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Make sure to check out some more Friday Favorites over at Heather’s Blog. Cheers!! XOXO


4 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. HAPPY FRIDAY! and Good Luck on your new job today, you will do Great!! Love the picture of you and Keely so cute!! and last but not least I AM LOVING THAT QUOTE!!

  2. Also forgot I love that Christmas song, probably my favorite….it has so many many memories for me of when I was little and all the fun I had in my house with such a wonderful Mom and Dad, and then the memories of you with Grandma and Grandpa…..needless to say there are tears everytime I hear it, but HAPPY ONES with Wonderful Memories….wish they were still here….:-)

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