Happy, happy Monday & MIMM everyone! Did you all have a good weekend? Over here it was very relaxing but I did get some Christmas shopping done, YAY me!! These days are just flying by and we have so much going on so whenever I get a chance to get out “toddlerless”, I take advantage of it because we all know you can’t Christmas shop with a toddler. Anyways, how excited are you all that Thanksgiving is this Thursday?!?! I know I am totally stocked about it and can’t wait to spend the day with my parents. I am also looking forward to Saturday as we are doing our one tradition and going to Lincoln Park Zoo to see the lights then out for pizza plus the bestie is going to be in town and will be joining us…(another) YAY!! Well let’s get onto some marvelous happenings from the weekend (might be a little short…:()

Marvelous is…

OMG…these are AMAZEBALLS!! I found them at Wal-Mart and couldn’t resist them….HELLO, LOVER!!

Marvelous is…

The peeps over at Justin’s sent me a nice little coupon for some nut butter and I decided to change it up and get the Chocolate Hazelnut Butter this time…swoon!

Marvelous is…

cute christmas party idea

Thinking of hosting a “favorite things party” with some girl friends in February. Has anyone had/been to one before?

Marvelous is…


I got sucked into Two Boston’s as I saw they were having a puppy adoption event there on Saturday. Seriously, look at that face (okay, not my makeup-less face), I wanted to take that little girl home with me but didn’t…good willpower I guess?!?! BTW, the rescue that was having the event was Starfish Animal Rescue and they are located in Plainfield, IL so local readers, if you are looking for a new addition for your family, check them out.

Marvelous is…

IMG_2160 IMG_2218 IMG_2219

Pandora taking over my life…here’s how it looks: Paramore station while working out (great running music), Nelly & Christina Perri station while getting ready and Christmas station ALL DAY LONG!! Tis the Season!!

Marvelous is…

End the day with positive thought

Ending a Monday perfectly!!

Hope you all have a fabulous Monday & week. Don’t get to check out Katie’s Blog for some more marvelous happenings. Cheers! XOXO

FYI: One month from today is Christmas…YAY!!


One thought on “MIMM

  1. Happy Monday to everyone and the gang over at the Cassidy house! Hope all of you are feeling better!! That little puppy is adorable! Can’t wait for Thanksgiving and for our Family Zoo day on Saturday!! Excited to see our Great City of Chicago all lit up for the Holidays….:-)

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