Thankful For…

Thankful For…

Pets!! Just because our dogs or cats don’t talk doesn’t mean they aren’t part of the family. I have always grown up with animals around me. My parent’s dog Linus is probably Keely’s bestest friend. She will “call” Linus throughout the day even though he lives with my parents and it’s the cutest thing. I am sad that we had to giveaway our two cats but they didn’t take to Keely very well and you could tell they were unhappy.

Now, onto a happy note…I recently started doing some marketing/social media for a company called, Plainfield Pet Supply Outlet and now that the holidays are around corner, I am just making sure that people remember their furry family!! Don’t forget that “Santa Dog/Cat” will be making a visit to your house on Christmas Eve as well. What canine or feline wouldn’t love a new toy or treat on Christmas Day?!?! Anyways, check out the site as they got some awesome products.

I am also very excited because we will be hosting a Blood Drive on Saturday, December 28th from 9am-1pm and we will have a rescue group here as well. If you live in the Chicagoland area (near Plainfield), please stop by to donate blood to help save lives and check out some adorable dogs & cats that will be up for adoption. Who knows, I might even go home with a puppers…ha-ha!

Well have a great Tuesday!! Cheers! XOXO

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One thought on “Thankful For…

  1. Love the picture reminds me of Keely and Linus! I think animals teach us so many things, and they give us such unconditional love!

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