Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites

Happy Black Friday Everyone!! Did you all have an amazing Thanksgiving? I know mine was VERY nice. Driving home from my parents last night, we saw a ton of stores with lines waiting to get in for the “deals”. I get that everyone likes a deal but waiting in line in the cold just isn’t my cup of tea, especially on Thanksgiving night. Are any of you doing Black Friday shopping? I might go out after Bob gets home from work but right now, a lot of my shopping will be done through Amazon. Well let’s get to a little recap from our Thanksgiving this year through pictures then we will get onto the favorites of Friday…

IMG_2373 IMG_2371

Favorite Pictures


She’s just too-too funny!!  Love her to the Moon and back!!

Favorite Outfit

Pants – check, boots – check, scarf – check, watch – check, sweater – NEED!

Favorite (Funny)Quote

Yes please!

Favorite Quote

So true!

Favorite “AB” Workout

Cheer Athletics ab workout. yep, gonna start doing this.

Favorite Item


I love when an empty almond or cookie butter jar happens which means: oats in a jar!! YUM!

Well I hope you all have a fabulous Friday and don’t forget to head of to Heather’s Blog for some more Friday Favorites. Cheers! XOXO


One thought on “Friday Favorites

  1. Happy Black Friday!! We had such a good time yesterday, thanks for all the goodies you brought, and so Thankful for Ms. Keely in our lives….Love my cupcake girl….:-)
    Love all your picture!

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