13 Favorites of 2013

13 Favorites of 2013

Can you believe that today is the last day of 2013…WOW!! Where has the time gone. I was looking at my 12 of 2012 last night and it made me both happy and sad. Happy because we have done so much in 2013 but sad because the year went by so fast. It’s true when they say, time flies when you’re having fun. Plus my mom always tells me to enjoy every minute with Keely because I can’t get it back and it’s SO true!! Thursday, I am going to post a few goals for this year. Well let’s get some that unlucky lucky number 13…

1. Keely turning ONE! I couldn’t believe it and still can’ believe she will be TWO on the 6th…stop growing my little munchkin!!

2. Deciding to go part time so that I can be at home with Keely more and loving every moment of it.


3. Trip to Galena with the B-O-B.


4. Getting my first tattoo and so in love with it. Three stars in Keely’s, My Mom’s & Grandma’s birthstones.

I would love one more, just one more! 🙂


5. Enjoying my 2nd Mother’s Day with Miss Keely and Patty Poo (my mom).


6. Keely’s first BIG snowstorm, we had one when she was first born but wasn’t able to enjoy it.


7. Increasing my yoga and one goal for 2014 is to take one hot yoga a month with my Rachel!!

8. Celebrating the Blogs first year…I actually forgot about my blogversary but it was December 18th!

9. Many, many trips to the park with Miss Keely. I am excited for warmer weather and trips to the park with Keely and Hank.


10. A haircut…#shorthairwhocares!


11. Keely’s first trip to Indiana Beach with Mommy, Daddy, Gama & Gapa.


12. Going to the Zoo (all three: free, Lincoln Park & Brookfield)


13. Getting our newest addition, Mr. Hank


Favorite Quote for end of 2013 and fresh start for 2014

Dr Seuss = Genius

There were so many to choose from but these are my 13 favorites of the year!

What is one of our favorite memories from 2013?

 I wish you all a safe & fun New Year’s Eve & an amazing New Year!

Cheers to 2014!! XOXO

MIMM – Christmas Recap

MIMM – Christmas Recap

Happy Monday & MIMM Peeps!! Did you all have a good weekend? My weekend was busy, busy but a good one. I didn’t write a post for Thursday & Friday and it was actually nice to take off a few days of writing and spend time with my sweets. We have a busy week ahead of us but that’s always good. We don’t have much planned for NYE since my birthday is Friday (the big 3-0) and Keely’s birthday parties (her birthday is the 6th) are this coming weekend. Yes, I said “parties”…baby girl is having two parties this year. I’ll get into more of the theme decision later this week. Let’s get to some Christmas marvelousness…

Marvelous is…


Christmas Eve baking, a puppy that won’t leave our sides & my “new” favorite beer! FYI: Puppy Chow is seriously my “crack”…so, so good!

Marvelous is…


Christmas Eve “Santa Prepping” and Christmas morning FUN!!

Marvelous is…


Watching my sweets open up their presents…nothing better!! Plus some “yearbook” pictures!!

Marvelous is…


Family!! Keely is now in love with our cousin Brandon (second row – left picture)!! Everyday we ask her if he’s her boyfriend and she says, yes…lol!!

Marvelous is…


Day after Christmas and playing with all of our new toys!!

Marvelous is…

IMG_2895 IMG_2887

My first blood drive & adoption event for the Pet Supply Outlet. It was a great success and I donated some blood as well.

Marvelous is…


A great friendship quote – looking forward to seeing my lovely friends this weekend!!

I hope you all have a marvelous week. Head over to Healthy Diva Eats for some more Marvelous In My Monday fun!! Cheers! XOXO

Christmas Memories In Pictures…

Christmas Memories In Pictures…

Merry Christmas Eve Everyone (if you celebrate). I hope you are having a great week so far and looking forward to Santa’s visit tonight. Today and tomorrow, it’s all about spending time with family and friends so I wanted to showcase some pictures from past Christmas’ that have created memories for me. I don’t know about you but I am all about creating memories & making traditions. Enjoy!!


Left – Kevin, Center – Yours Truly, Right – Mary Beth


Me with the best Grandparents a girl could ask for!! ❤


Bows bigger than your head!! Plus check out those SHORT bangs…WOW!


No matter what time it was Grandpa was always dressed for the day!!


Group Shot


Cousins are the BEST!!


With the parents!!


Just a girl with her jellybeans…lol!

Christmas 2012 (Keely’s first Christmas)

Quote of the Day

true@pennfoster #bemorefestive #choosetobemorefestive

MIMM…Holiday Craziness

MIMM…Holiday Craziness

Happy MIMM Everyone! Did you all have a good weekend. I know we had a great weekend over here with some holiday craziness but that’s to be expected with this time of the year. I still can’t believe that tomorrow is Christmas Eve…where has this year gone? I am planning an ALL DAY baking extravaganza with my munchkin!! I’ll make sure to document the festive fun for ya’ll. Well let’s get to some marvelous happenings…

Marvelous is…


Watching my little girl getting her first “haircut” on Grandma’s lap of course. Katie who does my hair was nice enough to cut Keely’s bangs and give her a little trim throughout but nothing too big. Keely was very good during the whole thing.

Marvelous is…


Zoo lights!! We went to the free zoo the other day to check out their lights. They were very good!!

Marvelous is..

IMG_2706 IMG_2704

Dinner and drink date with the B-O-B while Keely & Hank hung out with Gama & Gapa. It’s been a while and was nice to go out without the toddler. We were able to check out a new brewery by us and it was very nice.

Marvelous is…


Snow! We had about 7 inches of snow that recently melted due to warmer weather and rain so I was happy when I woke up yesterday to some snow. I always love waking up on Christmas morning to a “white Christmas”

Marvelous is…

IMG_2711 IMG_2712

Cousin time!! We spent some time with Aunt Stef, Uncle John and Evan…good times all around.

Marvelous is…

Best life lesson, learn it early!!

A great quote!!

I hope you all have an amazing Monday and don’t forget to check out more Marvelous Happenings throughout the blogger world. Cheers!! XOXO

Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites

5 MORE DAYS, 5 MORE DAYS TILL CHRISTMAS!! YAY! Happy Friday everyone and I hope you all are ready for the weekend. I am actually ready to get passed the weekend as it’s a busy one. Keely is getting her first “haircut” today while I am getting my hair done. I’m not having a lot taken off just a little trim for her and the bangs cut. I tried to grow out her bangs but little girl doesn’t like a lot of stuff in her hair so it’s hard to keep those darn bangs out of her eyes. Anyways, I’ll make sure to post pictures of this HUGE step for us on Monday. The rest of the weekend is literally dedicated to doing work for the Pet Supply Company. I have my first event on the 28th so I am trying to get everything together for it and Sunday we are spending some time with my sister-in-law and nephew to exchange gifts and have the kids play together. That’s about it for this weekend but being busy is always a good thing. Well, now it’s time to talk about some Friday Favorites. I am linking up again to Heather with some Friday Favorites. Thanks, Heather for hosting this link-up. ❤

Friday Favorites Button Housewife Glamour

Favorite Picture


These two are becoming close-close friends and it’s so fun to be able to watch them learn and grow together. There is truth in the saying that a dog makes the house a happier place because we keep telling Keely it’s “her” puppy and she needs to care for him. She’s been good but there are a few times where she will pick him up which ends in him crying and me telling her “no and be nice to your puppy”. But other than that, every morning she calls him and when he goes outside, she is waiting with a treat. Mr. Hank is doing great with the potty training (knock on wood) and he is up at night about every 4-5 hours so it’s not that bad.

Favorite Shopping Partner


She loves Trader Joes because they have “toddler” carts so she’s able to put things in it and walk around the store. We are going through the whole, “I don’t want to be in the cart” phase right now so any other store besides Trader Joes isn’t as fun…lol

Favorite Place


Right now, I just love sitting in our family room with the tree on and drinking some peppermint tea or wine…can’t complain!!

Favorite Outfit


Yes, I recreated the outfit and am OBSESSED with it. I’ve been wearing my denim shirts a lot lately with scarves, colored jeggings and boots. SWOON!

Favorite Christmas Movie

Christmas is almost here! Christmas vacation = best christmas movie ever!

I can’t get enough of Christmas Vacation lately…Clark Griswold is HILARIOUS!!

Favorite Song

My mom sent me this song about a week ago but then heard it again on Pandora and it’s a good one. I am actually very impressed with Christina Aguilera in this song. She’s got a great voice and lately her music is just “OKAY”. Your thoughts?

Favorite Quote

Life. Is. Art.

The Truth!!

Have an amazing weekend and make sure to check out some more Friday Favorites! Cheers! XOXO



Happy Hump Day! Can you believe that a week from today is Christmas?!?! I am SO, SO ready for Christmas. I am just waiting on a few items to arrive which should be here by Friday but other than that and baking, I’m totally ready. But since it’s still a week away, let’s get to what’s happening today. I am joining Jen again for another addition of What I Ate Wednesday or should I say, Tuesday. Enjoy!!

Pre-Breakfast (not pictured) – recently about 30 minutes before I eat breakfast, I’ve been drinking hot water with cinnamon & honey. I got it off of Pinterest and it totally gets my stomach ready for food. I’ve noticed that since I’ve had Keely, my stomach can only handle certain things and this really helps me with digestion.

Breakfast – the USUALLY!! So good! But today, I had a cup of coffee instead of tea


Lunch – yogurt & fruit (I know, it’s horrible but I wasn’t really hungry and was planning a little mid-day snack anyways)


Mid-Day Snack – apple with sliced parmesan cheese, I’ve been loving it again. Went unpictured because I finished it in about .2 seconds…LOL!

Dinner – Chicken Parmesan with a salad and Jack Daniels & Diet Ginger Ale. You know what they say, Toozeday Boozeday?!?! More like a toddler that was having a “day” and momma needed a STIFF drink!!


Well that’s it for the eats for me but I hope you all enjoyed some yummy food! Have a great day! Cheers!! XOXO

Quote of the Day