Christmas Movies…So Many…So Good!!

Christmas Movies…So Many…So Good!!

Happy Tuesday ya’ll! Have you started watching any Christmas movies yet? I haven’t and I’m thinking that needs to change very soon. I actually have a “friend date” on Friday with Miss Erica to drink some wine, eat some pizza and watch Christmas Vacation and Love Actually, two very good Christmas movies. When thinking about Christmas movies, I have probably my top six that I MUST watch every year and here they are…

1. Christmas Vacation – by far my favorite Christmas movie. Chevy Chase is hilarious in it and totally reminds me of something that would happen in my family.

Christmas Vacation   Movie quote  the ultimate insult.  Hahaha

2. Home Alone – I remember watching this movie when I was younger and every year, it just keeps getting better and better. Who doesn’t love the young Kevin?!?!

Home Alone movie christmas merry christmas christmas pictures home alone christmas ideas happy holidays merry xmas

3. Elf – this movie is so funny!!

Elf Movie Print $1.99 on Etsy

4. Christmas Story – well of course you need a little Christmas story in your life plus add in The Santa Claus

“Red Ryder”.... A Christmas Story  images via ChetArt

5. Love Actually – it’s a great love/Christmas story

Love actually is all around ~ Love Actually ~ Movie Quotes

6. It’s A Wonderful Life – I remember watching this movie with my Dad & Grandpa every year. It’s a classic movie right there with White Christmas

It's a Wonderful Life- love this movie as so many of us do. Wishing people were as friendly and giving like they were back than.

Okay, maybe I need to watch EVERY classic Christmas movie, every year…hey, TIS THE SEASON!! Now, it’s your turn…what’s your all-time favorite Christmas movie? Cheers! XOXO

Quote of the Day

19 Random Christmas Movie Quotes

Oh, Clark!!


One thought on “Christmas Movies…So Many…So Good!!

  1. Oh Boy! I Love all those movies, and I think need to get on it and watch them soon! I laughed when I read the quotes….who doesn’t love Clark Griswald!!

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