Holiday Travel…Do You?

Holiday Travel…Do You?

Hello, Peeps!! With Christmas (if you celebrate) being 15 days away are you starting to think about your holiday travels? It’s such a crazy time of the year and so many people travel a lot throughout the month of December & January. I talked with someone last week that’s from Chicago but every December – March, she moves down to Florida. I first asked her if she’s born and raised Chicago and she is but it’s something her husband and her have been doing for years. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love Chicago and love colder weather but when it’s about 15 degrees outside, I personally would rather be in California (preferably, Santa Monica or San Diego) but that’s just me.

Thankfully, we don’t travel throughout the holidays unless you consider driving 30 minutes to my parents for Christmas Day and I got to say, I LOVE IT!! I’m actually happy that we are lucky enough to have family close by and not have to travel very far. The holidays are such a special time that it’s great having family near by but if you don’t then it’s nice to know that they are just a plane ride away. So the question is…do you travel a lot during the holidays and if so, how do you make it easier on yourself. Here’s to 15 more days till Christmas!! Cheers!! XOXO

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One thought on “Holiday Travel…Do You?

  1. First off, I can’t believe only 15 more days till christmas!! This year has just flown by, but like My Mom (your grandma) used to say….”The older you get, the faster times goes”…oh boy was she right about that one! I am so happy that we have family so close, to just get in the car and drive a short distance! If I could I would either go back down to Florida in the winter months like we did when you lived down there, or definately out to California! Love the quote, might have to steal this one….:-) HAPPY TUESDAY!

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