What’s On Your List?

What’s On Your List?

Happy Wednesday! So I totally forgot to take pictures of what I’ve been eating the past two days. I’ve been too busy taking pictures of Keely and Hank…lol! So instead of writing about what I ate, let’s talk about what’s on my Christmas list this year even though I already have two things I’ve always wanted…a sweet little girl and (now) an adorable little pupper. But who doesn’t love presents under the tree on Christmas morning?!?!

Shiva Rea Yoga – I really need a new yoga DVD and I think this one would be awesome!

Christina Perri – Lovestrong – Everyone knows I am a HUGE Christina Perri fan and I would love, love this CD

Pink Sugar – I love this perfume but I’d  be happy with Lucky #6 or Lucky You as well

Kettlebell – I’ve been wanting one for a while and think it would be a great addition to my weight training at home

I need a photo album for all the pictures I have of Keely since I haven’t done one yet for her, I know I am horrible!!

Leopard Strap Watch – this watch is adorable and I think i would wear it about everyday!

Right now, that’s all I can think of but I wouldn’t mind new workout pants/capris, Chicago White Sox or Blackhawks tops and the regular gift cards (Forever21, Target, DSW, Old Navy). 🙂 So, what’s on your list this year? Cheers!! XOXO

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